Black iPhone Case Brands. The BIG List

We rounded up some of the coolest black iPhone case models we could find online so you don’t have to look so hard.

Why only black? Because black goes with anything. And a lot of people who search for a new case for their iPhone want something that fits with anything and don’t want to think about it too long.

We also didn’t include luxury brands that cost way too much, that’s not what we’re about. Most of the cases in this list you can find in Target, Walmart and similar stores.

When you first buy an iPhone the first thing that people usually want to buy after is the case. Each person to their own taste, but a lot of people just go with black.

The classic look, and the clean features of the black color makes it an obvious choice for any phone owner. Check out our list below of the best black iPhone case brands in one place with where to buy them and pictures.

Best Black iPhone Case Brands

1. iPhone 11 Silicone Case

 iPhone 11 Silicone Case - black iphone case
The classic black iPhone case from apple

An original apple iPhone case that will fit with your iPhone 11 model. This is the classic black case every iPhone user loves and knows.

Made from silicone for flexibility and durability, honestly I used one of these cases for years with my phone, they just work.

The only issue with these is that if you need or want something more sturdy, maybe something that will give you more protection if you tend to drop your phone more often than most people. Just something to think about.

2. CAPERCASE Everyday Carry iPhone 13 case Protector

CAPERCASE Everyday Carry iPhone 13 case Protector
A bulky version for people looking at hard cases

This is a plastic iPhone cover case that fits the iPhone 13 model. When we looked at it, we really like the thick look and the nice features and lines. It looks like a mini tank let’s be honest, which is a good thing for a case, as it is meant to protect you.

The biggest surprise for us was the price, coming in at only around $9 this is one of the most affordable options on this list and that is the main reasons it is included.

3. Spigen apple iPhone Pro 13 – thin black case

Spigen apple iPhone Pro 13 - thin black case
Very thin design for people who don’t like to see the case at all

Please note while we think this iPhone black case is beautiful, it only fits the iPhone Pro model, and not any other models, so take that in mind when you shop around. This case is cut very precise and sharp. It is thin but looks very good on the iPhone.

We also like the price range for this case which is around $18. Now for some this may sound like crazy, for a case paying $18?! But this is a high quality case that justifies the price.

Overall, this is probably one of the best options from the black iPhone case list, but only for iPhone 13 Pro users.

4. Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max by Insignia

Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max by Insignia
A combo of iPhone case with wallet

If you’re into leather cases, this is a cool option. Not only is the leather great quality, it also comes with a wallet space you can stick your credit card inside and maybe some cash.

What’s better than leaving the house only with your phone? No wallet or anything. This case delivers.

This case fits the iPhone 14 Pro Max so for anyone else, sorry, you need to look for other models or cases which are plenty.

What we like about it is the fact that leather just feels different in your hand, and also the fact it combines two things in one product. A wallet and a case. That’s genius.

5. Caseology Vault for Apple iPhone 13

Caseology black iphone case - Vault for Apple iPhone 13
For a more designed look and steady grip

OK this is a nice one. It was built for a good grip, this case will never slip out of your hand according to the brand, and it comes in matte black which is very slick and cool.

The part protecting the camera lenses is in a different pattern which we like very much as it adds a nice design touch to it.

Compatible with iPhone 13, you can’t go wrong with this design.

We really like the rigged sides of the case for that extra protection against slips. Think about holding it in your hand between these small cracks, it will never fall.

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