What Does The Blue Circle Mean On Location iPhone?

When you use apple maps, Google maps or any other service that shows your location, or your friends location, you usually see a light blue circle around your pin or contact picture. Simply put, the blue circle indicates your current location, and the smaller and thicker the size or color, the more accurate your location is.

The blue circle means that apple is showing your current location. You can see two circles when you look at the map. One is a light blue transparent circle, and one is a thin circle around your contact profile pic or name. Here’s what they mean:

Big transparent circle – your approximate location, the smaller the circle, the more accurate your location is. this is also means that you or the person is located somewhere inside the blue circle, without precise accuracy.

Thin full blue circle around your contact picture or name – This shows up when your location is precise, usually when there is a direct line to satellites to pin point your exact location via GPS.

GPS Precise location

You can see the thin full blue circle around the grey contact profile circle. This indicates that the maps were able to more precisely show your current location via gps.

Exact location is available and showing

WiFi location – less precise

When the thin circle is grey or black this means the maps use WiFi hot spots to locate your location which is less accurate than GPS, but still, pretty accurate.

Precise location is not available thumb

What does the blue circle mean on location iPhone

When you open your apple maps, or Google maps or use services like ” Find My ” you will usually see your current location, and a big transparent blue circle around it. This indicates the estimated location of you.

The bigger the transparent circle, the less accurate your location is. The smaller it is, the more accurate your location is.

The thin full blue circle around your contact picture or name means that you are using a GPS and your location is very precise as opposite to using WiFi spots to estimate your location.

What Does The Blue Circle Mean On Location iPhone

Tips for improving your location accuracy

As we learned, there are several situations where Google maps or apple maps can’t locate your exact location, in which case you see the light transparent blue circle or the grey small dot indicating the app can’t precisely pin point your location.

Here are a few tips to help the apps show your exact location:

  1. Don’t try and use the maps when inside a several story car park, especially underground as GPS service and WiFi service may not be available.
  2. If possible, try and have a direct line between your phone and the sky, like standing out in the street instead of inside a tall building.
  3. Make sure your settings for sharing your location is turned ON, so the apps can track your location while using Google or apple maps.

The blue dot or the blue circle can be a confusing thing for most iPhone users – me included ) but after reading a little bit online, I hope you know have a better understanding of what it all means.

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