Can I Use Apple Pay On Amazon?

Can I Use Apple Pay On Amazon

iPhone users utilize Apple Pay most of the time to make purchases. However, for some reason, some users have problems setting up Apple Pay for Amazon. To make it clear, Amazon does not accept Apple Pay. Both these companies are long-running competitors. However, the methods mentioned here may help you.

Does Amazon accept Apple Pay? Although Amazon permits sellers to accept Apple Pay, few do so.

Therefore, I will instruct you how to use your Apple Card to buy products from Amazon, transfer funds from Apple Cash to your bank account, and then use the debit card linked with that account to buy things from Amazon.

In case you’re curious, there is a list of merchants who accept Apple Pay. However, what about virtual stores? Is Apple Pay supported on the Amazon website? Amazon now supports Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass, as well as traditional credit and debit card purchases.

However, it is up to individual sellers to allow the option for their customers. We’ll have to resort to a workaround until Apple Pay is a viable option on Amazon. This article will discuss methods for using the Apple Wallet app to buy stuff from Amazon.

How To Make Purchases On Amazon With Apple Pay On Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone or other Apple device, you may safely use Apple Pay to make in-store purchases. Apple Pay is accepted in stores, applications, and websites worldwide. Apple Pay also supports paying for transportation, parking, and other services.

To make purchases on Amazon using Apple Pay, you must have a valid credit or debit card stored in your Apple Wallet. To accomplish this:

Can I Use Apple Pay On Amazon
  • Step #1: Use the Wallet app on your mobile device and select the button.
  • Step #2: Add a new card by going to the corresponding section. You must add a card when you’re ready to shop on Amazon using Apple Pay.
  • Step #3: Select Apple Pay as your payment option on Amazon to utilize Apple Pay. You’ll be required to enter your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

What Exactly Is Apple Pay?

Can I Use Apple Pay On Amazon

You can buy things using your iPhone in a digital form using Apple Pay. It’s a feature of Apple’s Wallet software that helps you avoid carrying around plastic versions of your various payment cards.

Like Google Pay and Samsung Pay, Apple Pay lets users enter the information from their actual credit or debit cards.

It’s unnecessary to rummage through your purse for your credit card while making purchases online or in-store, thanks to Apple Pay, which lets you use your iPhone as a virtual credit card. When using Apple Pay, authentication is needed before making a purchase.

Face ID, fingerprint scanning, and a PIN are all viable options for authenticating your identity. To use Apple Pay in a store, hold your iPhone near the NFC reader and watch for the confirmation screen to appear.

When making an online purchase, you’ll need to verify your identity before the acquiring system can take over and finish the deal on your behalf. You don’t need a credit card to use Apple Pay.

Instead, you may add an Apple Card as a credit card and send and receive Apple Pay with friends and family.

How to use Apple Pay: Beginner Guide

Can I Use Apple Pay On Amazon

You may use your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to make purchases at stores that accept Apple Pay, a contactless payment system. First, you’ll need to add your debit or credit card to the Wallet app on your iPhone to use Apple Pay.

After adding a card, you can use Apple Pay in stores that support the service by holding your iPhone near a merchant’s contactless scanner while keeping your finger on Touch ID.

You may use this method to pay for everything you buy online. Keep an eye out for the Apple Pay logo while making an online purchase.

Choose Apple Pay as your payment method, and then validate the purchase using your Face ID or fingerprint. Despite being one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon accepts Apple Pay.

The usage of this method of payment is not limited to just digital purchases made on Amazon but applies to all purchases made by the customer.

Utilizing your Apple Pay account to buy anything on Amazon is a brand-new function. The United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom have access to this function. You may now make purchases on Amazon with only a tap of your finger using your Apple Pay balance or account.

You can pay using Apple Pay on Amazon if you have an Apple Pay account and have linked it to your Amazon account. Your Apple Pay balance will be deducted from your total, and a receipt will be emailed to you from Amazon when you finish placing your item.

The Advantages of Using Apple Pay on Amazon

To make online purchases, Apple Pay is a safe and reliable option. Use your existing Apple ID and password to purchase with Apple Pay on the Amazon website.

This method of payment gets accepted at all brick-and-mortar Amazon locations. Using Apple Pay on Amazon has some advantages.

Advantage #1: Safety

It’s safer than using a bank card or credit card. Apple Pay keeps your credit card information off Amazon’s servers and in the safe hands of the app on your iPhone. Data breaches involving your information are considerably less likely to result in compromise.

Advantage #2: Convenience

It’s more convenient to use Apple Pay than it is to use a credit card, debit card, or any other payment option. It takes less than a minute to complete a purchase with Apple Pay. When making a transaction, you may avoid entering your credit card information every time.

Advantage #3: Ease of Payment

Both the Amazon website and physical stores use Apple Pay. There’s no way to comprehend that unless you know how to use Apple Pay on Amazon.

Methods For Fixing Issues With Apple Pay On Amazon

You may do a few things if you’re having problems with Apple Pay in the Amazon app. Before anything else, update the most recent Amazon app version. If you’re using an earlier version of the app, you may need to upgrade it to use Apple Pay fully.

Next, you must ensure Apple Pay is on on your iOS device. To configure Apple Pay and the app’s Wallet, open the app’s settings and navigate to Wallet. Verify that Apple Pay is enabled or active and that all your payment cards are loaded correctly to Wallet.

If your phone still gives you a headache, try resetting it or refreshing the screen. Restarting or refreshing the program can sometimes resolve minor problems. Apple Pay makes making Amazon purchases simple and safe.

You may use Apple Pay instead of a traditional credit card at any store that accepts it. Besides buying things on Amazon, you can use Apple Pay to purchase gift cards. You have undoubtedly mastered the process of using Apple Pay on Amazon.

What’s The Difference Between Apple Pay, Apple Card, and Apple Cash?

Can I Use Apple Pay On Amazon

When dealing with Apple’s payment system, it’s easy to get confused by all the many names used. A learning curve is associated with iOS and watchOS’s built-in payment features. While they may have a standard home in Apple Pay, each service offers something unique.

As was previously noted, Apple Pay is a proprietary online payment service. In the same way, you may utilize other closed systems with authorized third parties, in this case, vendors and banks.

Currently, Amazon does not accept or support Apple Pay. Apple has its credit card called Apple Card, and Mastercard and Goldman Sachs back it.

You may use it like a regular credit card, with interest and cash-back benefits, but it’s designed to be used digitally, on your phone or tablet.

It’s possible to send, receive, and request monetary resources over iMessage thanks to Apple Cash, a function integrated into the Apple Pay ecosystem.

As Apple puts it, it’s “a reloadable prepaid debit card kept in your Apple Wallet.” It’s like Venmo, except you’ll need to use your debit card to add money to your Apple Cash account using the Wallet app. You can use Apple Cash on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.

Why Amazon Doesn’t Accept Apple Pay

The very fact that Apple and Amazon haven’t come to terms with accepting Apple Pay is enough to prevent you from using Apple Pay at Amazon.

Apple Pay is also widely used in online and in-store purchases since it eliminates the need for users to present a credit card or debit card physically. It’s utterly risk-free due to the digital nature of the payments.

In addition, not taking AP doesn’t lead this store to lose many potential customers. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, generating $386 billion in yearly revenue without integrating with Apple Pay.

Since the corporation has no plans to accept Apple Pay, customers will have to utilize Apple Cards.

What Are Amazon’s Payment Options?

Amazon’s many accepted payment options add to the site’s already high convenience for online shoppers. All major credit cards, debit cards, Store Cards, Amazon gift cards, personal bank accounts, and EBT cards are accepted.

Customers can store numerous payment options in their history and select one of those options at the checkout. Like Apple Pay, Amazon will keep your payment details on file for future transactions.

Whether you’re looking to stock up on groceries or buy a present for a friend, this makes shopping on Amazon a breeze.

Amazon’s Apple Pay Set Up Instructions

The brand new Apple Pay integration makes it possible to use your existing Apple Pay account. To utilize this functionality, you must register an Amazon account and follow the instructions for using Apple Pay on Amazon.

  • Step #1: Enter your login information for the Amazon website.
  • Step #2: Navigate to the URL/link labeled “Account” at the top of the screen.
  • Step #3: In Payment Settings, click Change Payment Settings.
  • Step #4: A new payment option will be available.
  • Step #5: You will see Apple Pay on the list.
  • Step #6: Select Add Payment Method and enter your Apple Pay information.
  • Step #7: After adding and verifying your Apple Pay account, you may begin using Apple Pay to make transactions.

Does Amazon accept Apple Cards?

Can I Use Apple Pay On Amazon

While Amazon doesn’t support Apple Pay, you may still accept Apple Cards. Since its 2019 introduction in August, Apple Cards has become instantly recognizable as bearing the logo of the credit card industry’s dominant player.

In particular, it helps this app run on iPhones and Apple Watches.

Because Apple uses Mastercard as its payment network, Apple Cards get accepted at any locations that accept Mastercard or Amazon Payments. To purchase on Amazon using your Apple Card, you must input your relevant information.

If you already have an account, you only need to log in and add a new payment method. Please enter the following data as soon as possible.

  • The number for Apple Card
  • Password protection
  • Expiration Date

After adding Apple Card as a payment option, you’ll have access to a superior alternative to AP. You may use your Apple Card or any other major credit card to make instant purchases on the Amazon app or website.

Like other popular Amazon payment methods, Apple Cards is widely recognized for its ease of use. Even if they don’t take the payment method in question, this store consistently goes above and above to make it easy for customers to pay.

Amazon Apple Pay: How Do I Set It Up?

If you don’t have Apple Pay, you can still shop on Amazon because they accept nearly every other payment option. You may use the following types of debit and credit cards when you shop online:

  • Discover
  • Visa
  • Diners Club
  • Mastercard
  • JCB
  • American Express
  • Union Pay

This popular establishment acknowledges gift cards, EBT cards, and personal checking accounts.

Once you’ve logged into your Amazon account, you may add any available payment methods by clicking the “Pay with a Different Card” button and entering the relevant information. Quickly complete your online purchase with a payment method much like Amazon’s.

The iPhone’s Guide To Using the Apple Card on Amazon

You can use cards stored in a digital wallet on Amazon, but only if these methods are present as payment options on Amazon. You can use your Apple Card at Amazon as a payment option by doing the following:

  • Step #1: Launch Amazon App.
  • Step #2: Select the profile picture at the very bottom of the display.
  • Step #3: Tap Payments
  • Step #4: Select +Add in the Wallet section.
  • Step #5: Choose to add a new card by clicking the corresponding button.
  • Step #6: Key in Your Card Details
  • Step #7: After adding the details, select Set as the default payment method to use your Apple Card automatically.
  • Step #8: Select the Save button. It will confirm that the payment method was successful.
  • Step #9: If you designate your Apple card as Amazon’s default payment option, it will be charged when you check out. If you haven’t already done so, go to Payment Information and add your card as the default.
  • Step #10: Choose your Apple Card and hit the Continue button.
  • Step #11: Proceed with the purchase as you usually would.

What Businesses Take Apple Pay?

The Apple Pay system allows users to make contactless payments using their iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac at over a million retail locations in the United States and within applications. Money transfers between friends and family are now possible within the Messages app.

You can set up Apple Pay quickly. It provides your consumers with a safe and convenient payment method with their iOS devices.

7-Eleven, Albertsons, Best Buy, Petco, CVS, IKEA, Publix, Safeway, Clinique, Starbucks, Target, and Walgreens, by Whole Foods Market are just a handful of the most frequented retail establishments.

Remember that while Amazon does not now support Apple Pay, they take all other major credit cards and debit cards. Amazon also accepts government-issued EBT cards, gift cards, and shop credit.

You can still use Apple Pay in various scenarios, so don’t worry if Amazon isn’t on the list of supported merchants.

Method For Depositing Apple Pay Funds In A Savings Account

After that, using your debit card to shop on Amazon is as simple as ever. With Apple Pay Cash, iPhone owners can do money transfers just inside the Messages app.

As long as you have Apple Pay set up, you may use Apple Cash in your existing iMessages without creating a new account or downloading an app.

Apple Pay is a convenient way to receive payments, but you might not want to keep all of your money on your Apple Cash card. We’ve previously gone through how to send money with Apple Pay and how to utilize Apple Pay in the Safari browser on your iPhone.


It may be infuriating to know that Amazon does not accept Apple Pay. However, what if I tell you, that there are other ways to pay with Apple Pay on Amazon? This article has methods that will help you utilize Apple Pay on Amazon.

Apple Pay is famous amongst iPhone users as it provides them with easy payment options. Here, I conclude my article. I hope this article was of help. For more informative articles, stay tuned.

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