Can iPhone Users See When Android Users Read Their Text. No, They Can’t

NO, iPhone users can’t see when Android users read their text. If you want to learn why and how it works, keep reading below.

While they look similar, the messaging app of iPhone and Android are different, and in fact, when you send a message on your iPhone you use the app called iMessage, while users with Android phones just send regular SMS messages.

Can iPhone users see when Android users read their text – Guide

DevicesUses RCS?Can see read receipts?
iPhone sending to iPhoneNOYes
Android Sending to iPhoneYESNo
iPhone sending to Android Only AndroidNo

Because apple version of text messages called iMessage only works on iPhones, iPhone users only receive the read receipts when both sides of the text thread are using an iPhone and have their iMessage app turned on.

can iPhone users see when android users read their text

If you want to get more technical – Android phones use an open standard called RCS – Rich Communication Services which also provides support for features like read receipts and others but apple does not uses the same protocol and will most likely won’t use it in the future.

apple uses the internet to send and receive text messages via their app iMessage

For this reason, when an iPhone user sends a text to an Android user or vice versa it will always be just regular SMS Text, which does not support features like read receipts.

Important Note – Because apple sends SMS over the internet, obviously, if you don’t have an internet connection you will not be able to send and receive SMS

What is RCS – Rich Communication Services

RCS means Rich Communication Services, and it’s a protocol to send and receive SMS text messages but with all the bells and whistles you are used to from apps like WhatsApp and similar.

The goal is for this protocol to replace the regular text messages system currently used in the world and it will shift the sending and receiving to go over the internet instead of the mobile operator network.

Every year the growing number of operators and networks that support RCS increases and in 2022 it has crossed 500 million active users using this new protocol.

Main features of RCS

The next evolution of SMS systems known as RCS is packed with a lot of cool features that will feel familiar to most, because they already exist in apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Even though, here are the main features that the RCS protocol enables compared to regular SMS:

  • Support of Video Calls
  • Delivery Reports
  • Typing indicators ( Showing you when the other side is typing )
  • Support of Voice calls
  • High resolution videos and images sending
  • File transfers
  • Chat in groups and not just one on one
  • Share your location
  • Use chatbots

As the years go by, we are sure this list will only increase in features.

How to turn on read receipts on iPhone

Are you texting between two iPhones and still don’t see the read receipts and typing feature? That may be because you haven’t enabled the read receipts feature on your device.

Remember, both you and the other side need to have this option enabled for you to see when the other side has read your message or not.

Here’s how to enable the read receipts on iPhone:

can iPhone users see when android users read their text
  1. Open your Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Messages
  3. Toggle the Send Read Receipts ON

Frequently Asked Questions

Can iPhone users use RCS

NO. None of apple devices is compatible with RCS and it doesn’t look like in the future it will be.

Can Android users use iMessage

No. iMessage only works with the eco system of the apple devices, so only iPhones can run iMessage

Does any apple device supports RCS

No. Only devices running with Android supports the Rich Communication Services protocol.

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