How To Change The Language On An Apple Watch?

How To Change The Language On An Apple Watch

Apple Watch users sometimes have trouble changing the language to what they prefer. Here, you will be learning all about the steps to change the language on different series of Apple Watch.

Changing the language on your Apple Watch is a simple process that anyone can perform. The associated iPhone can use the Apple Watch companion app to switch languages, but this isn’t feasible straight from the Apple Watch. See how to do it with the help of this manual.

Your iPhone’s connected Watch will automatically switch to the language selected on your iPhone when you first set it up. However, you can adjust the language settings for both devices by changing your iPhone’s paired Watch’s language.

The process is very straightforward if you want to change the language on your Apple Watch. It isn’t possible to accomplish this straight from your Watch. However, you must use the Watch app on your associated iPhone to adjust.

Different ways to change the language on your Apple Watch for different series exist. However, we’re here to help. Here’s what you can do to change the language on your Apple Watch:

How Can you Change the Language on your Apple Watch?

  • Step #1: Select General from the drop-down menu.
  • Step #2: From the drop-down menu, select Language & Region.
  • Step #3: Change the language on your Apple Watch by selecting Custom. You’ll notice a new set of options on the screen.
  • Step #4: Take a look at Watch Language.
  • Step #5: Select the language you want to use.
  • Step #6: Select Change (language) from the drop-down menu on the confirmation screen.
  • Step #7: After adding the language, it will display in the preferred language list. In the top-right corner of the screen, click Edit to bring up a list of available languages.
  • Step #8: You can do this by dragging the language to the top of the list on your Apple Watch. Then select “Done” from the menu.
  • Step #9: Using Mirror My iPhone, you can switch back to your iPhone’s native language if you like.

Your Apple Watch may take a few minutes to update to the new language.

What Is An Apple Watch?

How To Change The Language On An Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a wearable smartwatch that enables users to perform various tasks, including making and receiving phone calls, sending and reading text messages, and checking their email. On April 24, 2015, Apple introduced the Apple Watch to the public.

The connection of The Apple Watch cannot work unless an iPhone 5 or later model running iOS 8.2 or a later version is within a range of around 10 meters (33 feet).

In addition to connecting with an iPhone over Bluetooth, the Watch can connect with an iPhone using a Wi-Fi connection. But to do so, both devices need to be on the same network.

 The Apple Watch iPhone app allows users to alter settings, reorganize apps, select which notifications they would like to receive, and download new apps from their iPhones.

Swiping and tapping are the primary modes of navigation on the Apple Watch interface, which was developed with the wrist in mind from the beginning. Its Digital Crown is a physical navigation dial that can magnify text, scroll, and enter data.

How To Change The Language On An Apple Watch

The Handoff feature of the Apple Watch enables users to begin working on a task on the Watch and then continue working on it on their iPhone.

For instance, users cannot create emails on the Watch itself; instead, they can ask the digital assistant Siri to write emails for them, which will send over the process to the user’s iPhone.

(Siri is available on the Apple Watch, but only in the form of a text interface; she does not have a voice component. The user can activate Siri by either saying “Hey Siri” or holding down the Digital Crown).

Glances are another feature that enterprise users will find handy. Compilation from apps and installation on the user’s iPhone provides users with short bursts of information. Users can personalize Glances and access them by swiping up on the watch face.

Using the Watch Kit, developers may tailor existing applications to the Apple Watch or create new ones from scratch. However, specific native programs designed particularly for the Watch have been produced, such as Apple’s Activity, Workout, and Camera Remote apps.

The majority of the currently available apps from Apple have refactored versions of iPhone apps, such as texting. The apps developed by third parties include a social networking app for Facebook and apps for airlines and hotels that enable the user to check in using the Apple Watch.

Evernote and Salesforce1 are examples of enterprise software. Evernote enables users to dictate information to the Watch, and Salesforce1 provides real-time information about client interactions.

The IT department can use enterprise mobility management software to send emails from the company directly to employees’ Apple Watches.

The regular Apple Watch is available in a casing size of either 38 or 42 millimeters and features an OLED display that incorporates an ambient light sensor to reduce glare.

Apple provides two versions of the Apple Watch: the expensive Apple Watch Edition, which has a case made of 18-karat gold, and the Apple Watch Sport, which has a band made of durable rubber and a display made of extra-strength Ion-X glass.

Use normally and 72 hours and put into Power Reserve mode. Equipping with a spherical magnetic charger that snaps into place and has a USB port, the underside of the watch face is like an iPhone.

How To Choose A Language And Region In Apple Watch?

How To Change The Language On An Apple Watch

You can change the country or region associated with your Apple ID if you relocate to a new country or region. Unless you have a valid payment method for your new location, you’ll need to use up your store credit, cancel your subscriptions, and move to a new location before you can update your details.

  • Step #1: To return to the iPhone’s home screen, press the Home button.
  • Step #2: Open the Apple Watch app by swiping down on the watch face.
  • Step #3: For more information, please see the My Watch page by tapping on the corresponding button above.
  • Step #4: Press the General button to access the General screen.
  • Step #5: Changing your language or region is as simple as selecting it from the Settings menu and tapping the Language & Region button.
  • Step #6: You may open the System Language screen by tapping System Language.
  • Step #7: Tap into your preferred language.
  • Step #8: To conclude, press the Done button.
  • Step #9: A new Language & Region screen will pop up on your screen.
  • Step #10: To access the Region screen, select Format > Region.
  • Step #11: Tap the area you want to focus on.
  • Step #12: To return to the Language & Region screen, press Back.
  • Step #13: To access the Calendar screen, simply tap it.
  • Step #14: When you’re ready, select the calendar you prefer.
  • Step #15: To return to the Language & Region screen, press the Back key on your keyboard.

Warning: Some iOS 10 features may not be available in all regions or all languages.

How To Change Language In Apple Watch Series 7?

How To Change The Language On An Apple Watch

The fresh appearance of the Series 7 is one of the most notable aspects of this model. It has a display that is always on that is 20 percent larger than the display on the Series 6, has thinner bezels, and has more rounded corners.

It allows for more watch faces and phases, but more importantly, it makes the display simpler and use (there’s a larger keyboard!). The Series 7 Apple Watch has a display that is always on and 20 percent larger than the display on the Series 6.

A more durable design (certified IP6X) and a 33 percent faster charging rate are two other highlights of the Series 7. The Series 7 has the same sensors and capabilities as the Series 6, except for a more powerful central processor.

Here is how to change language in Apple watch series 7. Follow the steps below:

Your APPLE Watch Series 7 45mm watch will have the same Language as your iPhone by default; however, you can alter the Language on your Watch if you want to have a different Language on your Watch. Simply following this guide will get the job done.

  • Step #1: Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone as the first step in setting up your Watch.
  • Step #2: Afterward, proceed to the bottom of the page and select the General option.
  • Step #3: Afterward, go to the bottom of the page and select Language & Region.
  • Step #4: Choose the option that says “Custom” here.
  • Step #5: The next step is to select the Watch Language option.
  • Step #6: After that, choose the language you want to use by pressing the option in the list, for instance, German.
  • Step #7: You are now able to select the Change to German option.
  • Step #8: Your Watch will do a factory reset and load the language you selected.
  • Step #9: Once you have added more than one Language to the Prefered Language Order list, you will be able to switch between them by sliding the Language you want to use to the top of the list and then selecting Continue from the menu that appears.

How To Change Language In Apple Watch Series 6?

The Series 6 was the most advanced smartwatch available in 2017. It comes equipped with a display that is always on, a blood oxygen sensor, and an altimeter. It also boasts a more recent processor and a display that is a little bit brighter.

If you are trying to decide between the Apple Watch Series 6 and the SE, your decision will mostly depend on how much you value having an always-on display.

Although Apple no longer sells the Series 6, you can purchase the product at a reduced price via third-party retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy.

On the other hand, it will cost nearly as much as the Series 7, and you’ll go with the most recent and greatest thing instead. To change language in the Apple watch series 6, follow the steps:

If you prefer a different language on your APPLE Watch Series 6 watch than your iPhone, you may easily change it. Here are some of the steps that will help you:

  • Step #1: Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone at the beginning of the process.
  • Step #2: Go back to the bottom of the page and select “General.”
  • Step #3: Next, click on Language & Region at the bottom of the page.
  • Step #4: Select the Custom option from the list.
  • Step #5: The next step is to select a language for your Watch by tapping on the Watch Language button.
  • Step #6: After there, touch on the language you want to use, such as German.
  • Step #7: You may now choose whether or not to switch to German or English.
  • Step #8: Resetting Your Watch and the Language will be applied to it.
  • Step #9: It is possible to switch between languages by dragging a language to the top of the Preferred Language Order list and tapping on Continue.

How To Change Language In Apple Watch Series SE?

Display size, most sensors (such as the gyroscope and an always-on altitude), and battery life don’t have much difference if we compare it to the previous versions. The well-being sensors are not present in the Apple Watch series SE.

Performing an ECG can’t be possible because it does not have an electrical heart sensor, but it does feature an optical sensor, like the one in Series 3 (so it can still record your heart rate). Without this sensor, it’s impossible to tell if someone has asthma or other heart issues.

To change language in the Apple watch series SE follow the steps:

  • Step #1: You’ll need to open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to get started.
  • Step #2: Select “General” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.
  • Step #3: At the bottom of the page, click on Language & Region.
  • Step #4: Choose Custom from the drop-down menu.
  • Step #5: Choosing a language for your Watch can be done by selecting the Watch Language button in step five.
  • Step #6: In the sixth step, you should touch on the language of choice, such as German.
  • Step #7: You use German or English as your default language for the remainder of this process.
  • Step #8: A new language, called Language, has been installed on your Watch.
  • Step #9: It is possible to swap languages by bringing a language to the top of the Preferred Language Order list and then pressing the Continue button.

Other Series of Apple Watch

Read about the Apple Watch Series 3, 4, and 5 here:

Apple Watch Series 5 (2019)

When Apple launched the Series 5 watch, everyone’s attention was that it was the first Apple Watch to include an always-on display. However, that isn’t as big of a concern as it used to be because the more recent versions come with an always-on display that is more aesthetically pleasing.

The SE can take an electrocardiogram (ECG), including electrical and optical heart rate sensors. Even so, it does not feature a blood oxygen sensor like some of the more modern models.

Since Apple has not offered the Series 5 for the past two years, it may be difficult to find models (and bargains) for this product.

Apple Watch Series 4 (2018)

The Apple Watch Series 4 was the first Apple Watch to receive a significant redesign, which resulted in a larger display and slimmer bezels. The design of the Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6 Apple Watches, which followed it, is virtually identical.

Similar to Series 5, Series 4 has been out of date for several years, and most of the available bargains are not attractive enough to warrant purchasing such an outdated smartwatch. However, Apple does sell refurbished versions of its products.

Apple Watch Series 3 (2017)

The Apple Watch Series 3 remains the company’s most affordable smartwatch option, with a price tag of $80 lower than the Apple Watch SE. The most important thing is that the design of the Series 3 has not been updated in four years, even though it is already very outdated.

 Like the Series SE, it features a GPS and an optical heart sensor, and it can record your heart rate, making it ideal for tracking your workouts.

On the other hand, it does not have an always-on altimeter or a built-in compass, so it is probably not as great for hikers and people interested in the outdoors.

Additionally, the Series 3 is only available in a model that has a GPS.

Why Is It Important To Change The Language In The Apple Watch?

How To Change The Language On An Apple Watch

People almost always prefer to converse with one another using a language that is their mother tongue. This quality carries over into their use of the various technologies as well.

Because of this, many different devices, such as personal computers, cellphones, and tablets, allow users to select from various language options during the setup process.

The products sold by Apple are not an exception to this rule. In addition, they offer alternates for a wide variety of languages in various regions across the globe. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to switch the language displayed on your Apple Watch.

When you buy new technology, you typically configure it to speak your native tongue or the language you most frequently employ in your day-to-day activities.

If, however, you acquired your Apple Watch from a third party, it is possible that the previous owner programmed it with a language that is not your native tongue.

Changing that language into something that you already know how to speak or that you can understand something that is a given. So, let’s look into how we might achieve that goal.

There is currently no way to alter the language directly from the Watch itself. The Apple Watch software is available on the iPhone or iPad, allowing us to select the language the Watch will use. You must ensure that the Watch gets synced to the iPhone before using it.

  • Step #1: Access either your iPhone or iPad.
  • Step #2: Launch the Apple Watch application.
  • Step #3: Select the Language & Region option after selecting the General menu option.
  • Step #4: Then, select the Watch Language option.
  • Step #5: Choose the language you want to speak from the drop-down menu under Preferred Language Order.
  • Step#6: Conclude by validating the modification you made in the step before this one.

As soon as you finish configuring the language on your iPhone, the Apple Watch will automatically reflect those changes. It will take time for the device to adjust to the new settings. The watch face will then display the new language in that position.

Showing Changing the language on your Apple Watch can accomplish in the manner described above. Even though the process is exceptionally straightforward, some people may be unfamiliar with Apple products or may lack the level of technical expertise required to complete it promptly.

As a result, they will benefit from this tutorial’s assistance. If you find this information to be helpful, please make sure to forward this guide to your friends.

What is the Purpose of Siri on An Apple Watch?

You can use Siri on your Apple Watch to complete tasks and get answers.

When you ask a general query, Siri can show you the first few search results along with a brief snippet from each page and translate what you say into another language.

It can also instantly recognize a piece of music and deliver a Shazam result.

Simply press the Open Page button to see the page on your Apple Watch. Use Siri to automate tasks that normally need a few steps. In some places and languages, Siri is not available. See the watchOS Feature Availability article on Apple Support.

How to use Siri on Apple Watch

The following are some of the ways you can ask Siri for something:

  • Step #1: You can command to your Apple Watch by raising your wrist.
  • Step #2: Apple Watch users can disable Raise to Speak by launching the Settings app on their wrist and selecting the Siri voice command.
  • Step #3: Ask Siri by saying “Hey Siri” and providing the necessary information.
  • Step #4: Tap Siri in the Apple Watch Settings app and turn off “Hey Siri.” Listen out for “Hey, Siri.”
  • Step #5: The Siri watch face has a Siri button that may be tapped.
  • Step #6: When you see the listening indicator, say your command after pressing and holding the Digital Crown.

Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch. Touch Siri and then switch off Press Digital Crown to disable the capability.

Delete Siri history

When you use Siri or dictation, Apple will retain your requests on their servers. For up to six months to improve how Siri responds to you and other users.

Your queries are not associated with your Apple ID or email address; rather, they associate with a random identifier. You have complete control over when and how these interactions have to remove from the server.

  • Step #1: Launch the app labeled “Settings” on your Apple Watch.
  • Step #2: First, select Siri, select Siri History, and finally, select Delete Siri History.

Changing Languages In The Preferred Language Order

  • Step #1: Changes to the languages will be reflected in the “Preferred Language Order” section once they have to make.
  • Step #2: The languages you prefer to utilize on your device are displayed here.
  • Step #3: Just tap edit at the top of the screen to make any necessary alterations to your preferred languages.


Q1: Is It Possible to Use Apple Watch in More than One Language?

A: After you’ve tapped Reply on your Apple Watch, you can change the language of your reply (including dictation). It is possible to select a different language after hitting on Reply if the required keyboard has to install on your iPhone (Settings > General > Keyboards).

Q2: How Do I Reset Apple Watch Dictation?

A: Enabling Dictation in Settings > General > Keyboard will bring it back to life. After a few moments, turn the switch back on. Fixing the issue should be enough to get Siri to hear and understand you again.

Q3: On Apple Watch, can you alter the language settings?

A: On the Apple Watch, you can alter the language settings. Go to “Language & Region” settings on your iPhone’s Watch App to accomplish this. Select your preferred language from the drop-down menu.

Q4: Why is my Apple Watch in the Chinese Language?

A: Your Watch may be in Chinese for various reasons. But you can change the language to one of your choosing. To achieve this, navigate the Watch App’s “Language & Region” settings. From there, you can select the language you want to speak.

Q5: Why is the keyboard on my Apple Watch in Spanish?

A: Using an iPhone with a Spanish keyboard is the most likely cause of the problem. Reset your phone’s keyboard to English by clicking on the last message you sent to that person. The Watch’s responses should now be in English again.

Q6: How can you modify the iPhone’s Apple Watch settings?

A: Rather than accessing the App Store section of the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, you can access the Watch’s settings and personalization choices by pressing the My Watch tab in the lower left of the app.

Q7: Why is my Apple Watch not in English?

A: Go to My Watch > General settings > Region & Language > Watch Language in the Watch app on your iPhone to select the language you want to use. Orient yourself in a new way.

Q8: On my Apple Watch, how can I change the keyboard?

A: In the same way, it works on the iPad and iPhone, and it also works on the Apple Watch. Dictation and emoticons can still be used in conjunction with the full keyboard. Using the backspace key on your keyboard will allow you to undo any mistakes you make. Tap the 123 buttons to go back to numbers.

Q9: On the Apple Watch, where is the Settings app?

A: The Settings app may be opened by pressing the Digital Crown (round button) on your Apple Watch once to bring up the Home screen (gears icon).

Q10: How can I use my iPhone to operate my Apple Watch?

A: Place the watch face in the iPhone’s viewfinder and lock it in place. Wait for a message that says your Apple Watch and iPhone are now connected.

If you can’t use the camera, don’t see the connection animation, or your iPhone can’t read it, select Connect Apple Watch Manually and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Q11: Where is the keyboard on an Apple Watch?

A: There is no one available. When you first put the Watch on to unlock it, a keypad will appear on display; however, use your phone if you’re asked to do anything else.

Q12: What’s up with the Chinese Language on my Apple Watch?

A: Your Watch may be in Chinese for various reasons, but you can change the language to one of your choosing. To achieve this, navigate the Watch App’s “Language & Region” settings. From there, you can select the language you want to speak.


How To Change The Language On An Apple Watch

There are over 45 different languages that are supported on the Apple Watch, albeit some of those languages are simply different dialects of the same language.

If you have not yet done so, please make it a point to read the entirety of our post. There, you will find tutorials that will show you how to alter the language and region of your chosen Apple Watch and how to get more out of your Apple Watch.

These tips will show you how to get more out of your Apple Watch.


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