Do Blocked Calls Show Up On Call Log iPhone

An interesting question that came to an iPhone user is do blocked calls show up on call log and if you block someone on your iPhone, will you be able to see their calls on your log or not? This is a technical but interesting question, and we will explain it in this article.

Do blocked calls show up on call log?

The short answer is NO, blocked calls do NOT show up on call logs because they are blocked from calling you and only successful calls will appear in the call logs.

The long answer is that it will probably do show up on calls made before you blocked the number. Common sense says that when a number calls you for the first time, it is most likely not blocked so it will go through.

If you happen to decide to block that number after getting their initial call or text, from that moment on, you will not see this number again in the call logs.

OK, we got that point about blocked calls not coming through and not showing up on the calls log, but what if we do want to see blocked numbers on iPhone anyway? Is that even possible? Let’s examine.

How to See Blocked Numbers on iPhone

So, as previously mentioned, you actually can’t see call attempts on your call log from blocked numbers. That is basically the point of blocking a number, you don’t want to see or hear from that number right? If it were to show up, it’s not really blocked right?

The only option for you to see a blocked number on the call log is to unblock that number so it will show up on the logs next time he calls.

With that said, let’s learn how to unblock someone on iPhone.

How to Unblock Someone on iPhone

In order to unblock someone on your iPhone, you need to go to the settings app and follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap the Phone option
  • Scroll down to the Blocked Contacts and tap it
  • Now you will see a list of all blocked numbers. To unblock a number just wipe left with your finger and tap Unblock
do blocked calls show up on call log

Once you unblock a number it will now show up on your call logs, messages and everything else just like any other number. This method will work the same for iPads as well.

A quick reminder though is that you can add the number to the blocked list again if you decide to do that.

How to see missed text from blocked numbers

So similar to blocked calls, you will not see text messages from numbers you blocked, if you need to see a text from someone you blocked in the past, you will need to unblock it first, here’s how to do it again, this time from the messages tab

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap Messages
  • Scroll down to Blocked Contacts tab
  • Swipe left on the contact you want to unblock

Once that number is unblocked, you can now see messages received from that number in the regular messages app

do blocked calls show up on call log

Will a blocked number now they are blocked

This is a very interesting question, because while you might want to block certain numbers, you don’t always want them to know they are blocked. For various reasons. So is there a way a blocked number can know they have been blocked? Let’s find out with all the relevant scenarios:

Blocked phone calls

When a number you have blocked is calling you on a regular call, the call goes straight to your voice mail, if you have that set up. This is similar to what happens to ALL phone calls when you turn your phone off.

So basically, this is the only clue the blocked number can understand that he might have been blocked, because most people leave their phones on all the time, if a blocked contact is trying to call you for some time and it always goes straight to voice mail – he might pick that up.

Side note
If you want to see voicemail left by blocked numbers, you need to go to the Voice mail tab on the recent calls screen, scroll down and tap the Blocked Messages tab.

Blocked text messages

When a blocked number tries to send you a text message, from his side, he will see the text as sent, like any other message, but it will actually won’t reach you, ever. It will just disappear in the vast universe of cellular data and antennas and that will be the end of it.

Blocked Facetime calls

When someone you have blocked is trying to Facetime you, their phone will just ring forever, with no one picking up. Because you will never get the call, from their side it will seem like you never pick up the phone, while on your side, you will never even get any call, and that will be it.


As you can see, the action of blocking a number is pretty straight forward, and the result is that you won’t see any calls, or text messages from that number until you unblock that number again from the blocked contacts list.

We hope this helped clarify the topic of do blocked calls show up on call log on your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blocked Calls Showing up on Call Log

Can you see if a blocked number has tried to contact you

No, as we discussed in this post, blocked numbers will not show up in the call log or the messages app. Only successful calls or messages will show up.

Can you receive voice mails from blocked numbers?

Yes, blocked numbers will go straight to voice mail when they call you, and they can leave you a voice mail, but you will not get a notification about it in the voice mail tab. You will need to actively browse to the voice mail tab and click the Blocked Contacts tab to see messages from blocked numbers.

When I unblock a number, will all his messages and calls pop up in the logs?

No, when a number is blocked his calls and text messages are not going through, so it will not be saved anywhere therefor you will not see it when you unblock that number in the future. You will only see the texts and calls that number is making AFTER you unblocked it.

The only exception here is voice mail. When a blocked number is calling you he is going straight to voice mail, and can leave a message that you can check if you browse to the voice mail tab and tapping Blocked Contacts.

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