Do iPod 5 Cases Fit iPod 6? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Do iPod 5 Cases Fit iPod 6

Do you have an iPod 6? If so, do you have a case or cover for it? Are you wondering if iPod 5 Cases Fit iPod 6? In this blog post, we’ll answer that question and will guide you in the best way.

Added an iPod 6 to your Apple collection? Congrats. If you’re wondering whether or not the old iPod 5 case will accommodate the sixth version, this is the article for you.

So would a case made for iPod 5 be the right shape for iPod 6? Yes, iPod 5 cases will fit with iPod 6, provided it isn’t damaged or modified. The fifth and sixth generations of iPods have an exact dimension. So you shouldn’t have problems switching cases between the models.

Continue reading to learn more about the two devices. As a bonus, we’ve answered whether an iPhone case will fit the iPod 6.

Will an iPod Touch 5 case fit 6?

Do iPod 5 Cases Fit iPod 6

iPod Touch 5 and 6 aren’t much different from one another. The generations are only three years apart. So you’d expect the cases to be interchangeable.

Let’s compare the two iPod models to see if that’s the case. Here’s how iPod Touch 5 measures up against iPod Touch 6:

iPod 5iPod 6
Height4.86″ (123.4 mm)4.86″ (123.4 mm)
Width2.31″ (58.6 mm)2.31″ (58.6 mm)
Depth0.24″ (6.1 mm)0.24″ (6.1 mm)
Weight3.10 ounces (88 g)3.10 ounces (88g)
Display size4″4″

As you can see, iPod 5 and iPod 6 Touch are precisely the same as far as size goes. When there’s no difference, the cases should fit with ease.

The only minor difference you may notice is that the hole towards the bottom of the backside of the iPod 5 case remains unused.

There was a little nub on the backside of the iPod Touch models till iPod 5. You could use it to attach a strap and keep your iPods safe. Apple ditched it in iPod 6.

Cases made for iPod 5 will have a hole to accommodate the nub. And when you use it for the sixth generation devices, the gap will remain empty. That may look odd to some users.

Other than the hole, there’s nothing much to worry about. You can use an iPod 5 case for iPod 6. All the ports are in the same place. So the case won’t block them.

Do iPod Touch cases fit all generations?

Do iPod 5 Cases Fit iPod 6

Apple has released various iPod models, Touch being one of them. 

The other models are Classic, Mini, Nano, and Shuffle. All of these models are different from one another in terms of design and dimensions. Each generation is slightly different from its predecessor or predecessor, even among the models.

So to answer the question, no, iPod Touch cases do not fit all generations. The difference is more pronounced in the extremes. The first generation of iPod Touch, released in 2007, has different dimensions than the seventh generation iPod Touch, which was released in 2019.

That being said, generations closer to one another may have some similarities. As mentioned above, iPod Touch 5 and iPod Touch 6 are of the same size and weight.

But iPod Touch first generation and second generation are a tad different, with dimensions of 4.3 X 2.4 X 0.31 and 4.3 X 2.4 X 0.33, respectively. The variance is even larger between iPod Touch 3 and Touch 4, which have dimensions 4.3 X 2.4 X 0.33 and 4.4 X 2.3 X 0.28, respectively.

So not all iPod Touch cases will fit all generations, but some fit like a glove.

Can iPhone cases be used for iPod Touch?

Do iPod 5 Cases Fit iPod 6

iPod cases are hard to find these days now that most of the iPod models have been discontinued. But given that iPhone cases are plentiful, can you possibly use them for iPods as well?

In most cases, no. iPhone cases won’t fit iPod Touch devices. The reason is iPods are thinner than iPhones. The iPhone 11, released in 2019, has a dimension of 5.94 X 2.98 X 0.33. The iPod Touch 7th generation, released in the same year, has a size of 4.86 X 2.31 X 0.24.

When you insert an iPod inside an iPhone case, it will be loose. You’ll have a hard time handling the iPod with the case on. Therefore, look for an iPod case intended for the model instead of the iPhone case.

Does Apple sell iPod cases?

Do iPod 5 Cases Fit iPod 6

Traditionally, Apple has shied away from making cases for their own devices. It wasn’t until 2019 that they started selling Apple-branded cases.

The iPod cases you find on the internet or at stores are not sold by Apple. They are made and marketed by third-party manufacturers. Tech21 Studio is one of the many companies that make cases for iPods and iPhones.

Even on the official Apple online shopping page, you’re going to find cases made by other companies.

Rest assured, these cases should fit with your iPod if they’re made for that particular model. But make sure you’re buying from a reputed and recognized vendor. Apple doesn’t take any liability if the iPods don’t fit the cases.


In summary, iPod 5 and iPod 6 are identical. So you can interchange the cases between the two devices. But if the case or the device has been damaged, they may not fit as intended.

That being said, you should keep an eye on the listings on sites like eBay to find the case intended for iPod 6. That’s always the best option.

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