Does Apple Require Signature for Delivery? Shipment and Delivery Info

Apple is a company known for putting a lot of emphasis on design. Everything is done with an eye for detail and perfection, from the products they create to how they market them.

So it’s no surprise that Apple takes extra steps to ensure everything goes smoothly when it comes to shipping their products. One question that often comes up is, does Apple require signature for delivery?

Here we’ll take a closer look at how Apple handles shipping and what you can expect if you’re expecting an Apple product.

Online delivery is convenient, but it has its own set of regulatory practices — signature by the customer is one of them. Is that the case with Apple too?

Does Apple Require Signature for Delivery?

Is it mandatory to provide your signature for delivery? Yes, Apple requires you to sign on necessary papers when receiving your products.

This is how the company confirms that it’s you who has received the product. In other words, it serves as proof.

But you can also receive the package without signing during delivery. Continue reading to learn how. 

Does Apple Require Signature for Delivery

Apple works with various courier companies to deliver online orders. If you’ve ordered an iPhone model online, there are a few things you need to know regarding delivery.

Apple’s shipping and delivery policies state that users must sign at required places when receiving their delivery.

The delivery person will come with a sheet or electronic device where he/she will record the signature. Apple will use this as proof of delivery.

Along with signatures, customers are also required to verify their contact number via OTP (One Time Password). The courier person will send an OTP message to your registered mobile number. You have to provide it back to them to verify the transaction.

This process applies to all Apple devices and not just iPhones. Even smaller items like AirPods or data cables require the person to provide a signature at the time of delivery.

While Apple is strict regarding its policy, a few customers who have received their products have reported otherwise. They said the delivery personnel simply dropped the parcels at the front door and didn’t request any signature.

In cases where you have pre-signed the delivery, the courier company may not ask for signatures and drop the parcel off at appropriate places.

So it really depends on how you’ve made your arrangements.

What if I’m unavailable to provide my signature?

Not everyone has the luxury of being present during product delivery. And Apple knows that. Therefore, it has created ways in which you can receive the product package even when you’re unavailable to provide your signature.

When you cannot sign on the paper during delivery, you’ve got three options. These are:

  • Pre-sign with Apple for the delivery

If you predict that you won’t be available for the delivery early on, the best option is to pre-sign the package. Apple allows you to sign online when the product gets shipped. The courier carrier will no longer ask for the signature or the OTP.

If the product is being delivered to a home address, the courier will forward it to the concierge. For business addresses, the product will be delivered to the mailroom.

You can also authorize others in your family or your neighbor to receive the package on your behalf.

  • Specify a location on the Delivery Notice

The courier company will make three attempts to deliver the parcel. They’ll leave a Delivery Notice at your location on the first attempt.

If you think that you’re not going to be around for the second attempt as well, specify another location. The company will try to deliver the parcel to this location.

Not all carriers will leave such a notice. Some will make three delivery attempts and return the parcel to Apple if unsuccessful.

  • Visit the local courier office

The third thing you can do is visit the local courier office and collect the package. The company will keep the parcel nearest to your location till the third attempt. 

If you weren’t available on the delivery date and time, drive down to the office and collect your Apple product. Make sure to contact the courier company via email or phone to get the latest status.

Out of the three, pre-signing the delivery is the best option if you’re not able to sign during delivery.

Using apple Pre Sign Form – How to pre-sign for delivery of Apple products?

Does Apple Require Signature for Delivery

Apple allows you to pre sign if you cannot make yourself available for a signature. When an item is pre-signed, the courier company will drop the parcel at the location, and the delivery will be successful.

To pre sign an item for delivery, you need to fill out the apple pre sign form – here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the notification email Apple sent you regarding the shipment.
  • Locate the ‘Pre Sign for Delivery’ button and click on it. You’ll be directed to the Apple’s order status page.
  • On the page, click on the ‘Pre Sign for Delivery’ button.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click on Continue.
  • You’ll get a Release Authorization page. Click on ‘Print this Page’ to download it.
  • Fill out the pre sign form and provide the necessary details.

You must affix this completed form near the intended place of delivery. Make sure the delivery executive can access this form. After verification, he/she will drop the parcel in your absence.

Does Apple deliver before the due date?

Apple is known for its best-in-class customer service. Therefore, it tries to deliver the products as soon as possible.

Apple tries to deliver on time and not before the due date. It works with courier companies to deliver your package. So it’s not Apple who is handling your shipping.

However, Apple provides a real-time tracker where you can track the package. It shows you where the parcel has reached. Besides that, you also get email and text notifications.

So even if Apple delivers your package well in advance, you’ll get notified. That’s also the case for parcels that get delayed.

Conclusion – Does Apple Require Signature for Delivery?

Apple has made it easier for its customers to buy the products online. To make the process safer for everyone involved, it requires customers to provide their signatures. But with the Pre Sign Form feature, you can avoid the signature step.

We are sure you have found the answer to your question ‘Will Apple Require Signature for Delivery?’ here. Stay tuned for more informative articles.

Frequently Asked Question about apple requiring signature for delivery

What happens if I miss my apple delivery

Usually the delivery guy or girl will try to deliver your package three times. If you can’t make it or miss it, you can contact the carrier that handled your delivery and schedule a new time.

Which companies apple use for delivery

Either UPS or Fedex. If the product you are ordering is in a warehouse in the US already, you will get it by Fedex. If it needs to be shipped from abroad you will get it by UPS.

What happens if the package is stolen from my door

apple responsibility ends when the package is out for delivery, meaning once its in the hands of the sipping carrier, it is their responsibility, you can contact them and try to see if they can offer any help.

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