How Do I Separate My iPad From My iPhone. Easy Guide

When you buy an apple device, either iPhone or iPad you not only buy a single device. In reality all your other apple products with an internet connection will sync together with your apple ID and share info and login details. This makes the apple experience really good, but sometimes you want to keep a device disconnected. Here’s how to do it.

To disconnect your iPad from your iPhone you can simply log out of your apple ID on your iPad. Or you can also disable the iCloud sync option from specific apps you don’t want to sync across devices.

Read the longer version below on how to disconnect your iPad from iPhone and in general stop apple devices from syncing together.

How to disconnect iPad from iPhone

As mentioned previously, the fact that apple devices sync with the same apple ID is mostly a great things and experience. However for those rare times you wish to keep a device separated, here’s how to do it on your iPad:

  1. Lunch the Setting app on your iPad
  2. Open your apple ID settings by tapping your name and thumb at the top
  3. At the bottom, just tap Sign out
How do I Separate my iPad from my iPhone

This will now disconnect your iPad from your apple ID and by doing so disconnect it from your other devices.

Remove iPhone or iPad from apple ID without logging out

This is not really a recommended step, while it will stop your device from syncing, which is what we wanted. It will also come with a cost of a few features not working anymore, which will make your life less comfortable as an apple user.

  • apple Pay will stop working
  • apple subscriptions you may have will no longer work on that device

And a few more. So instead, maybe try and just disable the iCloud syncing for specific apps. Here’s how:

  1. Lunch Setting app on iPad or device you want to disconnect
  2. Tap your name at the top
  3. Tap iCloud
  4. Here is a list of all the apps that sync with your iCloud account. You can simply turn any app you don’t want to sync OFF
How do I Separate my iPad from my iPhone
How do I Separate my iPad from my iPhone

Important Note – Turning off iCloud sync for specific apps means they won’t be backed up anymore, and you could loose data, for example, if you turn this off for the Photos app, your photos will NOT be auto backed up – just remember that.

BONUS TIP – Stop iPad or iPhone from Handing off your browser

You know how you can browse the internet on your iPhone on the Safari browser and then just seamesly move that session to your MacBook browser? This feature is called apple Handoff. And it basically means you can continue your current session across multiple devices, which is very cool.

However, if our goal is to disconnect our device, this should be turned OFF, here’s how to do this:

  1. Lunch Settings app on iPad
  2. Tap General
  3. Turn OFF the toggle where it says Handoff
How do I Separate my iPad from my iPhone


While these tips were meant for iPad, and were written mainly for that device, it will work the same way on your iPhone, or any other apple device for that matter with slight variations.

Frequently Asked Questions about separating iPad from other devices

Can I reverse this

Yes, if for any reason after disconnecting your iPad from iPhone or other device you wish to connect it again, you simply need to login with your apple ID again on the iPad and everything will sync back again.

Why is my iPad connected to my iPhone to begin with

apple devices usually sync with each other on the same apple ID, or iCloud account. So if you purchased 2 devices or more and logged in with the same apple ID or iCloud account, the devices will sync together unless you separate them manually.

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