How to Check Phone Temperature on iPhone. You Can’t Do it Directly.

Checking your phone temperature is not something you should ignore. While in most cases your iPhone will keep ” normal ” running temperatures, you should know how to check your phone temperature if you own an iPhone.

This is how to check phone temperature on iPhone – The short answer is that, YOU CAN’T. Not directly anyway. But here are a few other ways to know your phone temperature and why your phone keeps internal temperature

This article will explain how to check your phone temperature and why iPhones track it to begin with

How to check phone temperature on iPhone – Why your iPhone tracks internal temperature.

iPhones keep internal temperature to make sure your phone will run smoothly. If your iPhone over heats, it will automatically shuts down until it cools off.

This is a safety feature that ensures your iPhone will run without any issues. Like any other electronics device, it tends to get hot the harder it works.

Add to that outside temperatures, which in places like a desert or similar can get really hot, and your iPhone might get too hot to work.

As we perviously mentioned, you can’t check your phone temperature in real time, and iPhone devices do NOT have a screen that shows you the internal temperature of your iPhone ( at least on iPhone 11 and up )

The only way we know to check this is to use third party apps that track your phone internal temperature and display it.

Here are a couple third party apps that can track and show your phone temperature

1. Kinsa

how to check phone temperature iPhone

Although this is an officially a medical app, it lets you track your iPhone internal temperature. The app has a smart thermometer on its own as well as an app. This makes it easy to track temperatures as with other apps you usually need to link your smart thermometer to the app.

Not with this app baby.

2. Apple Health

how to check phone temperature iPhone

With this official apple app you will still need to connect it to an external smart thermometer, but it will show you the internal phone temperature if you wish. The added value is that you’re going to be using an official apple app, and not a third party app. If that’s important to you.

Why iPhones keep internal temperature anyway

iPhones keep internal temperature to make sure your iPhone won’t over heat, or be too cold to run with no issues.

When your phone is not running in optimal temperatures, it won’t function and will temporarily shut down until it comes back to normal temperatures.

What are the normal operating iPhone temperatures

Here are the normal iPhone temperatures for various situations and usage for your knowledge

Operating ambient temperature 32 to 95 F ( 0 to 35 C )
Non operating temperature -4 to 113 F ( -20 to 45 C )
Relative humidity 5% to 95% Noncondensing
Operating Altitude Tested up to 10,000 feet ( 3,000 meters )

What happens when your iPhone runs too hot

I’m sure you at least once in your life saw the iPhone temperature message stating that the device is too hot and needs to cool down before turning back on.

When your iPhone goes above 113 F or 45 C roughly, it will shut down automatically until it cools down.

how to check phone temperature iPhone

The reason is that some parts, more specifically delicate electronic parts and chips won’t work in high temperatures and can break or just even melt.

So when the internal iPhone thermometer feels the device temperature is too high, it shuts itself down to give it a chance to cool off.

Once this happens you need to let the device cool down before you can turn it back on. A few ways to help this happen are:

  • Take the device out of the hot sun, if it were to sit outside, place it inside in a cool place
  • Once the device goes back on, maybe think about putting it in power saving mode so it will use less apps and features while you know you don’t need it and it sits and wait.
  • In extreme cases, if you need to cool it down quickly, you can put it next to the freezer and let the cool air cool it faster.

Important note
Don’t pour cold water on the device to help it cool, even if it’s water resistant, it’s not recommended

Frequently Asked Questions about checking phone temperature on iPhone

What temperature will the iPhone over heat

Most iPhones will over heat and shut down at 113F – at this point the phone will shut down and show the error message that the iPhone needs to cool down before reactivating.

Can I check iPhone temperature without apps

The only thing you can do to try and check the iPhone temperature without using third party apps is to feel it with your hands. iPhones that run hot feels very hot as well when you touch them, if you feel your device getting really hot in your hand, even before the error message displays try and cool it down.

Will my iPhone gets ruined if it over heats

In most cases no. The automatic shut down of the device is meant to protect it from such an event and will most likely shut down before any real damage occurs. However, it is possible that if you get your device to over heat too many times something will eventually break or have issues.


As we learned, there is no way to see real time info on iPhone internal temperature but we can use several third party apps to track this information if we need it.

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