How to Clean iPhone Microphone at Home

Cleaning your iPhone microphone or speaker is important as dirt and clogs stuck inside can lower the call quality, or voice volume resulting in you not being able to hear that well or the other side not hearing you.

Cleaning your iPhone microphone is a very simple thing to do and you can do it at home using a few simple tools like a toothbrush and similar. To clean your iPhone microphone you will need:
– A toothpick
– Toothbrush
– Small paint brush
– Putty
– Compressed air can
– Duct Tape

How to clean iPhone microphone and speaker?

The first thing you should try is using a toothpick to lodge any dirt that is stuck inside your microphone and speaker cracks.

The microphone and speaker cracks are narrow and long so dirt can easily get stuck there and block the volume from registering correctly.

Here’s how to clean it using a toothpick:

How to Clean iPhone Microphone using tooth pick
  1. Take a toothpick from your home
  2. In one hand hold it and lodge it inside the microphone crack and move from side to side gently
  3. This should remove any dirt lodged inside and clean the crack so sound can move more freely

NOTE – Do NOT use too much force when you do this, be gentle as you don’t want to ruin the microphone structure as it is pretty delicate. Just use enough force to get the dirt out, without hurting the microphone.

If this didn’t work, or only partially worked, you can try using a soft toothbrush to clean the microphone and remove any excess dirt stuck in there.

Let’s see how to do it using a toothbrush:

How to Clean iPhone Microphone using tooth brush
  1. You should use a very soft toothbrush
  2. Brush the microphone crack gently to sweep away any dirt that is stuck
  3. Try making circle motions like you would when you brush your teeth

NOTE – Similar to the previous item, do NOT use too much force so you won’t ruin your microphone hole, and make sure to find a soft brush to use

But what if you don’t have a spare toothbrush or just don’t want to ruin your own. Well, another thing that can work really well is using a small paint brush. Like the ones you find in a kids craft set, just make sure it is clean before using it.

Clean your microphone hole with paint brush:

How to Clean iPhone Microphone using paint brush
  1. Take the brush and check the tip is soft and clean
  2. If needs to be cleaned, use hot water to wash off any remaining paint and let it dry
  3. When it’s dry and clean, use it to gently brush the microphone crack and clean any dirt stuck

NOTE – It’s super important to make sure the brush is clean and has no paint on it, as trying to clean the microphone crack with a paint brush that has color on it, will do more damage than good.

If you don’t want to use brushes or stick something inside the crack from fear of ruining it or just don’t want to deal with it, another great option is to use compressed air tools. These are very popular to clean electronic devices and push away dirt from these hard to reach places.

Clean your microphone with compressed air tool

How to Clean iPhone Microphone using compressed air
  1. You can get a can from any hardware store near your home.
  2. Aim the tool at an angle that will blow dirt away from your crack, not directly above it

NOTE – when you blow air directly into the crack, it will just push the dirt more inside and can damage your device. Do it using an angle that will push the air and dust away from the device

If blowing air is weird for you, or you are not sure how to do it without ruining your device, you can also use putty. Putty is another product that can be used to clean electronic devices. Let’s see how to do it:

Clean your phone with putty

How to Clean iPhone Microphone using putty
  1. Purchase the cleaning putty online or in stores.
  2. Take a handful in your hand
  3. squash it into the microphone crack and remove quickly
  4. Repeat until all dirt is gone

NOTE – Like any other product, don’t push it too hard or leave it on for too long. As this will cause harm to your device instead of cleaning it.

Bonus tip! If everything else fails, we have another creative idea for you that could work. It is not 100% but in some cases it works like a charm. You can use duct tape. Let’s see how.

Use duct tape to clean your iPhone microphone crack

How to Clean iPhone Microphone using duct tape
  1. Take a little piece of duct tape.
  2. Hold it in your hand and stick it to the microphone crack and press gently
  3. Remove the tape and the dirt should stick to the tape

NOTE – This is not a full proof method, but it can work in some situations especially when there are large dirt parts stuck inside.

Frequently asked questions about cleaning your iPhone microphone

Is it safe to clean my iPhone microphone with toothpick

You should be careful when cleaning with toothpick, you don’t want to press too hard inside the microphone hole to not cause damage.

Why blowing compressed air directly into the microphone is bad

Compressed air send a high speed burst of air and if you aim it directly into the microphone crack the strong burst can ruin delicate electronic parts inside. That is why you should blow air at an angle that will only blow the dirt out, and not get in deep inside the device.

What if I tried everything and I still don’t hear

If you tried cleaning your microphone crack and speaker crack on your iPhone and still don’t hear well. you should consider taking your device to a lab to be fixed or cleaned from the inside.

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