How to Clean Leather iPhone Case? Tips and Tricks

Cleaning leather is not the same as wiping metal and plastic. If you’ve got a leather iPhone case, you might be asking yourself how to clean leather iPhone case the right way right? You must be aware of how to handle leather the correct way, otherwise, you may end up damaging the texture and quality.

So, how to clean leather iPhone case the proper way? Apple recommends that you clean your iPhone leather case with warm water and mild hand soap. Or, you can also avoid water altogether and clean with a gentle cleaner.

Here’s an in-depth guide on how to clean your iPhone leather case. As a bonus, also learn how to keep your leather case clean and safe for an extended period of time.

How to Clean Leather iPhone CaseIs the iPhone Leather Case Genuine Leather?

The market is flooded with synthetic and duplicate leather. These are cheaper than original leather and are less durable.

All leather cases sold by Apple are made from genuine leather. The leather is specifically tanned and finished to create a natural patina. If you’ve bought the case from a retailer other than Apple, it may or may not be natural leather.

To check if the case is real leather, move your fingers through the surface. If it feels too smooth like that of plastic, it’s fake leather. Genuine leather has an inconsistent pattern with imperfections. So they won’t feel as smooth as faux leather.

How To Clean The Leather Case of An Iphone?

How to Clean Leather iPhone Case

It isn’t always feasible to take the leather to a specialist for cleaning. You must learn the methods of cleaning the leather case at home. And fortunately, it’s easy to care for leather using everyday commodities like cloth, water, and soap.

Here are the steps to clean your leather iPhone case:

1. Remove water stains

Water stains are common since our palms perspire frequently. The moisture leaves a white-ish mark on the leather case. Furthermore, exposure to liquid can easily stain tanned leather. But you can easily remove these water stains with clean water.

Take a clean sponge or towel and soak it in warm water. Gently rub the wet towel around the stain. Start with the outer part of the stain and move inwards. It would prevent the water from spreading outwards. Now dry the leather case with a tissue.

2. In-depth cleaning with soap and water

You can thoroughly clean the leather case now that the water stains are cleared. Make sure to dry the leather case completely.

You’ll have to use dish soap to remove dust and grime. But if your leather looks mucky, consider using saddle soap instead.

Prepare a mixture of soap and water. Then, take a cloth and dip it in the mix. Rub the wet cloth against the leather case. Rinse every section of the case that is made of leather. Uneven cleaning will result in some parts looking and smelling different than others.

3. Use conditioner to maintain softness

It’s recommended that you use a high-quality leather conditioner for your iPhone case after cleaning with soap. Doing so will help the leather maintain its softness. If it dries out excessively, the leather may crack. 

Apply the conditioner on a cloth and then rub gently throughout the leather case. Leave the leather under the fan for 15-20 minutes. Once dry, rub the leather again with a dry sponge or tissue until you get a shiny surface.

Please note that using conditioners and leather cleaners may change the color of the leather. This shouldn’t worry you as the change of color is normal. 

How To Remove Paint And Scuff Marks?

In some cases, the leather case might be affected with paint marks or scuff marks. Thankfully, removing these is easier than they look. You’d need the same items used above: dry cloth, water, soap, and leather cleaner.

First, dip the cloth in a soap solution and rub it on the stains. It’d make the paint stain a bit wet, which is easier to remove than hardened paint. Then, take another cloth and apply some leather cleaner to it. Scrub the surface gently and slowly remove the paint or scuff mark. Finally, clean the surface with a dry cloth. Allow the case to dry under a fan.

Make sure to use a little leather cleaner at a time. Repeat the cleaning steps rather than using too much at once. It’d keep the leather safe.

How To Keep An Iphone Leather Case Brand New?

How To Keep An Iphone Leather Case Brand New

An iPhone case made from genuine leather requires (and deserves) some extra attention. You need to take some measures to increase the case’s longevity. Here are a few tips on how to take care of an iPhone leather case:

  • Keep the leather away from water. Excess moisture affects the leather in various ways and reduces the quality.
  • Apply a protective covering for the leather case. It will act as a barrier between the case and the adversaries.
  • Do not place the leather case under direct sunlight.
  • Use leather conditioner monthly to preserve quality. Alternatively, you can use mink oil.
  • Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines when handling leather. It contains all the things you need to consider before cleaning leather.
  • To make the surface shiny, you can consider wax. It locks in moisture while protecting the leather from water.


Taking care of an iPhone leather case doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s something that requires fine craftsmanship. Once you view the problem from that angle, cleaning the leather case won’t feel like work.

That being said, clean your iPhone leather case regularly and keep it away from water. Leather is different from plastic or metal since it’s derived from a living animal. So treat it with great care. Feat image via

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