How to Connect AirPods When the Case is Dead?

There are many ways an airpods case won’t work, and if it happened to you you might be asking yourself how to connect airpods when the case is dead? Well, this is exactly why we created this guide.

An accidental drop on the floor might be enough to make the AirPods case go dead if you don’t use a quality protective case! Or exposure to splashes is another reason why your Apple AirPods case is dead or dying so fast.

Can you connect the AirPods when the case is dead? Yes, you can still enjoy listening to music on your favorite buds even without a properly working case. 

In this article, you’ll find some quick ways to connect the AirPods to your phone/device. 

How Do I Find Out if the AirPods Case is Dead?

The easiest way to find out if the case is dead or not is by plugging in a charger in it. AirPods, irrespective of their generations, have an LED indicator either on the outer of the case or on the inside.

Check if the case is accepting battery or not. If you don’t see the indicator turning green or orange, it could indicate that the case is dead.

Sometimes, the battery is full, so the indicator won’t turn on. Follow the below-mentioned process to connect the AirPods to your iPhone/iPad and check if the case works fine or not.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone/iPad. 
  • Open the AirPods case and bring it closer to your phone.
  • You’ll see the pop-up on the screen like the one attached below. 
  • If you don’t see any pop-up like this, it may be a sign that the case is dead. 
How to Connect AirPods When the Case is Dead

How to Connect AirPods When Case is Dead: Step-by-step Guide

Now you can be a little sure that the case is not working properly or is dead. But before you get 100% sure, it would be great to try out some more steps. 

One of the biggest problems you may experience is that you cannot unpair the AirPods if the case is not working. Yes, you can disconnect the AirPods from any device, but to bring them back into pairing mode, you need to press the circular button at the back of the charging case.

How to Connect AirPods When the Case is Dead
  • Try pressing the button at the back of the AirPods, and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Now turn on Bluetooth on a smartphone or device you have never connected with the AirPods or use the device you do not currently use with the AirPods.
  • Go into the Bluetooth menu, and then tap on the AirPods name to establish a connection.
  • If you are not able to find the AirPods in the settings, this is because the case is not working properly, and a hard reset is not possible.

What’s the Solution in This Case?

There are two possible solutions in this case:

  1. You can connect the AirPods to the device you have been using them with (discussed in detail below). 

You can purchase a new AirPods charging case so that you can quickly do a hard reset when required and pair the AirPods with any device you wish.

How to Connect AirPods to an Existing Device You Have Been Using Them With

The AirPods case dying is bad news, but that does not mean you cannot use the AirPods. All you need to do is get the phone or device you have already paired the buds with. 

  • Turn on the Bluetooth on this device.
  • The AirPods will automatically connect. If they don’t, open the Bluetooth menu and click on the AirPods for a successful connection.
  • Congrats, as you have now connected to the AirPods successfully. 

Still Not Able to Connect? 

The problem, in this case, could be low battery. A charging case is required to recharge the buds, and you can only use them if there is some battery left. Sometimes the case dies, but the charging system still works, so put the AirPods back into the case and plug in the cable.

Wait for some time, and then follow the aforementioned connectivity process again. Getting a new charging case is the only solution if the AirPods do not accept the charge. 

You can get in touch with the Apple service center to know more if the case can be replaced or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn on AirPods without the case?

The AirPods remain on if you keep them outside the case. The only way to turn off/on the AirPods is by putting them back into the charging case and then removing them after at least 30 seconds.

How do I reset my AirPods without a case?

 There is no way to reset the AirPods without a case since the only way is by pressing the button on the AirPods case.

Why do my AirPods not automatically connect?

To use the automatic connect AirPods feature, you need to ensure that you are connecting it with a device using your Apple ID. Or sign in to the Apple ID with all your devices like the iPad, MacBook, and more.

How do you know if your AirPods are dead?

Hold the button at the back of the AirPods case, and then try connecting it with your phone. Or open the Bluetooth menu and then try connecting the buds. If both processes fail to work, it shows that the AirPods are dead.

If the buds are under warranty, get in touch with the nearby Apple service center. Or you need to buy a new one if the reason for the AirPods dying is an accidental drop or fall into the water.


Now that you know how to connect AirPods when the case is dead, you don’t have to wait to enjoy listening to your favorite music. Remember, if the case is completely dead and the charging feature is also not working, you won’t be able to charge the buds.

Lastly, always use a quality case to safeguard the AirPods case from drops/falls and to keep them handy wherever you go. 

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