How to Delete Recent Calls from Apple Watch?

Every Apple user has wondered how to delete recent calls from apple watch. We heard this question so many times we think it might be a sub category just by itself, but in today’s post, we are just looking for some quick and easy wins on the topic.

Are you having a hard time deleting calls from your Apple Watch? Well, every Apple Watch user has to go through the same dilemma, so you are not alone! To be clear, deleting calls from Apple Watch is not possible, but you can still get rid of those unwanted call logs showing up in the recent.

In this article, I have listed some quick steps to delete the recent calls and prevent them from showing up on your Apple Watch. 

Steps on how to delete recent calls from Apple Watch 

As I mentioned above, it is not possible to delete call logs directly from the Apple Watch, so below is the process to delete it using your iPhone or iPad.

Pair Your Watch with the Phone 

First, pair the watch with the phone over Bluetooth to get the job done. Without syncing, you cannot delete the call logs.

Delete Recents on your iPhone 

Next, open the Phone app on your mobile and tap on Recents. You will be able to see the entire call logs with all calls, including FaceTime, WhatsApp, and more. Delete the call logs by swiping them left. Or you can tap on the Edit option in the top right corner if you want to delete multiple logs.

Let It Sync with the Watch 

This may take a few seconds, but the Apple Watch will not show the deleted logs, and this is the only possible solution to delete the calls you want.

Check Your Apple Watch 

Open the Phone app on your Apple Watch, and find the calls that you have deleted. I’m certain that you won’t see the deleted calls. 

Still seeing the deleted call logs? Here’s another solution 

I’ve heard people reporting that their watch still shows the deleted call logs when they are not visible on the iPhone. Well, this could be because of an older software version. 

Make sure your watch runs on the latest version, and the same goes for the iPhone. Do you know how to update an Apple Watch? If no, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Connect the watch with your iPad/iPhone.
  • Open the Watch app on your device, and click on General.
  • Now click on Software Update, and the watch will tell you about the latest version available.
  • Put the watch on charging, and you can quickly update to the latest version.

Done updating the software? Now what?

Now unpair the watch from your mobile, and pair it again by following the steps your watch suggests. Open the Phone menu on the app, and check the call logs. This solution works for around 95% of users when their watch fails to sync with their mobile.

The Last Resort 

The last solution is resetting the watch, which will bring it to factory settings. This should only be done when you fail to delete the calls from the watch. 

Note: Resetting the watch will erase all settings and data that you have stored on it. Moreover, you will have to download all apps again. If deleting the calls is not very necessary, avoid resetting the Apple Watch.

Can I Delete Contacts from Apple Watch?

Yes, you can delete contacts from your Apple Watch, and it will automatically sync with your iPhone. Below I’ve listed the steps to delete contacts using the Apple Watch.

  • Open the Phone app on your smartwatch, and click on Contacts.
apple watch
  • Now search for the Contact you want to delete, and scroll to the bottom.
  • You will find the Delete option available in red color, click on it, and you can easily delete the particular contact.

Note: You cannot delete multiple contacts simultaneously, as Apple only allows its users to delete them one by one. If the watch is not connected to the phone, you will still be able to see those numbers on your smartphone.


How do I sync my Apple Watch with the iPhone?

The watch automatically syncs with the iPhone, and you can’t do it manually. Just keep the watch paired to the phone, and you are good to go.

I am not able to see contacts on my Apple Watch?

It could be due to the reason that the watch is not updated to the latest version. Follow the software update steps mentioned in this article, and you can easily access contacts on your Apple Watch.

Can I re-access deleted call history on Apple Watch?

No, there is no way to re-access the deleted call history on your Apple Watch. Once deleted, you can never retrieve the call logs.

Final Thoughts 

Now you know everything about how to delete recent calls from your Apple Watch. Make sure your watch software remains up to date so that it syncs perfectly with your iPhone.

Moreover, keep the watch connected at all times so that it gets the latest call logs, and you don’t see the call information on the watch deleted from the iPhone.

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