How to Get AirPods out of Hard Case? Three Simple Solutions [2022]

Hard cases are an excellent way to keep your AirPods safe and secure. Some come equipped with a keychain for better handling. But many Apple users have reported their AirPods getting stuck inside the case. And there’s a high possibility of it since the cases are made by third-party companies.

So how do you get AirPods out of the hard protective case? The best way is to insert the charging pin in its place and push it upwards. It will force the AirPods to come out of the protective case.

But there are other ways you can get your AirPods out of the hard case. Learn about them in greater detail in the following sections.

How to Get AirPods out of Hard Case – Step by Step Guide

It’s normal to get scared when your AirPods get stuck inside their case. Fortunately, taking it out isn’t difficult. You just need to follow the proper steps. As already mentioned, there are more than one ways to take out the AirPods.

Method 1

The first method is easy and works most of the time. You can follow this procedure irrespective of whether the case is plastic, silicone, or leather. Here are the steps involved:

  • Insert the charging port in its place
  • Slowly push the charging cable up while holding the hard case
  • The AirPods should emerge from the top
  • Press the hard case from both sides to facilitate the process

This method is best to recover the AirPods.

Method 2

The second method is similar to the first one. Except that instead of the charging cable, you use a similar device. In case the cable couldn’t get the job done, repeat the process with an ear wax cleaner. But make sure not to damage the charging pin of the AirPods. So do not use pointed objects.

Method 3

The last method involves warming up the hard case so that it expands. This phenomenon is called thermal expansion. When it expands, removing the AirPods from the case becomes easier.

Place the hard case under sunlight to warm it up. Avoid exposing it to direct flame to prevent damage.

How to Get AirPods out of Hard Case


To avoid such issues, always check and confirm that the hard case is compatible with the AirPods. There are different AirPods models and the case size changes with them. Since third-party companies make the cases, Apple isn’t responsible for the compatibility. So the warranty may not stay valid in issues like this.

That being said, getting AirPods out of the hard case is easy. Follow the steps mentioned above and maintain safety.

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