How to Keep Notifications on Lock Screen After Unlocking iPhone

When you unlock your iPhone, usually all the notifications you had on the lock screen disappear, or more accurately, they move to the control center screen.

However, if you wish to learn how to keep notifications on lock screen after unlocking iPhone you can easily change the notification settings and set up as persistent to keep them on the lock screen even after unlocking.

Why do my notifications disappear on my iPhone lock screen

So the short answer is, they don’t really disappear, they simply move to the Notification Center screen where you can view them whenever you want.

But for most people who don’t really know what the Notification Center is, or just don’t have the energy for that, they think the notifications were just deleted and you can’t access them anymore.

The reason your iPhone does that, is very simple, when you’re iPhone is locked, the device assumes no one is looking at it, and keeps the notifications and alerts on lock screen in case you want to take a glance, or a quick look to decide if it’s important enough right now, or you can ignore.

Once you unlock your iPhone, the device moves the notifications to the Notification Center as it would not make sense to flush your screen with all these alerts while you try and do something right? It all makes sense.

Another reason is the privacy thing. apple doesn’t allow app developers to bug you with constant alerts and notifications unless you specifically set it up. For example if you really like getting news or sports alerts, you can specifically tell your iPhone to treat these notifications differently.

How to make your notifications show up again on lock screen

So what’s the solution you might ask, you didn’t come here for nonsense. It’s fairly easy to be honest. In order to keep the notifications on the lock screen, you need to set them as persistent on the settings screen.

Here’s how:

how to keep notifications on lock screen after unlocking iPhone
  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Tap Notifications
  • Tap on the app you wish to set up persistent notifications for
  • On the next screen tap Banner Style and choose Persistent
how to keep notifications on lock screen after unlocking iPhone

NOTE – You can also change the style of notification you get here for each app, for example disable the sounds, or show or not show a badge etc. You can also choose to NOT store the notification in the Notifications Center.

How long do notifications stay on iPhone lock screen

Notifications on the lock screen appear and stay there for a certain amount of time, it’s not forever, and you can change that in the Settings app. If after some time the notification is not interacted with, it will disappear from the lock screen and only be shown in the Notifications Center.

To change how long notifications stay on the lock screen, you need to set specific apps to show persistent notifications, which will remain on the lock screen without moving to the Notification Center.

Notifications still don’t show up on the lock screen? Here’s the most common reasons

You did what we said and the notifications still don’t show up on your lock screen? Here are the most common reasons:

Do not disturb is ON

how to keep notifications on lock screen after unlocking iPhone

If you have the Do Not Disturb feature ON, notifications will NOT show up on the lock screen until you disable the Do Not Disturb function. This is mainly to keep you focused as you actively chose to have it on.

Just turn it off, and you should see the notifications showing up again on your lock screen as always.

Restart your iPhone

Sometimes things break, yes, it can happen with an iPhone too, whenever things don’t work as they should, sometimes a simple restart fixes it. The reason is that we normally don’t turn off our phone, or even restart them.

Think about it. Our phone work ALL the time, 24 hours and seven days a week. It’s not surprising things can break. Like any other device you use. So restarting your iPhone every once in a while is a good idea.

Set up your notifications settings for each app

We touched on this in the article already, but maybe someone played with your iPhone and changed the settings for your notifications? It’s rare, but it could happen, if you have kids it’s more likely. Just go to the Settings app and change the notification style for each app again, and you should be good.

Frequently Asked Questions about Notifications NOT Showing up On Lock Screen

Looking for more help? Here are the most common questions people asked regarding this subject

Can I turn persistent notifications for all my apps at once

Unfortunately, NO, you can’t. apple doesn’t allow this option and if you ask me, it’s a good thing they don’t. Most apps will only annoy you with endless notifications, so it’s best to keep them temporary or hidden in the Notifications Center.

If you really want to see a specific app notifications all the time, you can simply change the settings for that specific app in the settings and that is it.

How do I view notifications after I unlock iPhone

You can view all your latest notifications from the Notifications Center. Just swipe down on your screen and you will see all your latest notifications.

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