How to Make Apple Watch and iPhone both Vibrate?


Apple Watch users must have noticed that the notifications either come on the Watch or the iPhone. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get notified on both devices?

So how to make Apple Watch and iPhone vibrate for notifications? You need to turn off the Wrist Detection feature on Apple Watch. Doing so will deliver notifications on both iPhone and the Watch, causing them to vibrate.

Learn about the process in greater detail in this article.

How to Make Apple Watch and iPhone both Vibrate

Default Order of Notifications in Apple Watch

Apple users using multiple devices do not receive notifications on all the devices. That’s why Apple Watch and iPhone do not vibrate at once when you receive a text or email.

If you’ve connected your iPhone to your Apple Watch, then here’s the order of receiving notifications:

  • Your phone will vibrate or ring if it’s unlocked
  • Your Apple Watch will vibrate or ring if iPhone is asleep or locked

As you can see, in no case would you receive notification on both Apple Watch and iPhone. Depending on the conditions, the notification will be routed to either the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Getting Notification on both Apple Watch and iPhone

You need to change some default settings to get notifications on both devices. More specifically, you need to turn the wrist detection feature off. It’d cause Apple Watch and iPhone to vibrate at once when you receive a notification.

The wrist detection feature allows users to receive notifications on their Apple Watch by flicking their wrists. Looking at the Watch by lifting hands also triggers this feature. The feature is powered by photoplethysmography sensors technology.

When notified on the Apple Watch, your phone remains silent. In other words, it doesn’t vibrate or light up. You need to turn this feature off to receive notifications on both devices.

How to Make Apple Watch and iPhone both Vibrate

Turn off Wrist Detection to Make Apple Watch and iPhone both Vibrate

You can disable this feature either from your Apple Watch or the Watch app on your iPhone. Here are the steps you need to follow on your Apple Watch:

  • Press the Digital Crown located on the side of the Apple Watch
How to Make Apple Watch and iPhone both Vibrate
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  • Navigate through the options and click on the Settings app
How to Make Apple Watch and iPhone both Vibrate
  • Scroll down in the menu until you come across Passcode. Click on it
  • Again, scroll down till you find Wrist Detection. Turn off the toggle to disable the feature
How to Make Apple Watch and iPhone both Vibrate

Your iPhone and Apple Watch should vibrate simultaneously now that the wrist detection feature is disabled.

There’s another way to disable wrist detection. This method requires you to open the Watch app on your iPhone and navigate into Passcode > Wrist Detection. Turn it off in there, and the changes will reflect immediately.

Please note that turning off wrist detection does have some disadvantages. First, the watch will not lock on its own.

Moreover, you’d be missing out on certain features like high heart rate alerts, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level measurement, etc.

If you can make such a sacrifice, then disabling wrist detection shouldn’t be much of a problem.


By making both Apple Watch and iPhone vibrate, you won’t miss out on notifications. As the changes made are not permanent, you can restore the settings if you feel like it’s not worth it.


How to get sound notifications on both Apple Watch and iPhone?

To get sound notifications on both Apple Watch and iPhone, you have to disable the Wrist Detection feature. Doing so will send notifications to both devices at once. Also, make sure that the two devices are not on silent or vibrate-only mode. Otherwise, you won’t hear the notification sound.

How do I set a sleep alarm on both my iPhone and Apple Watch?

When wearing the Apple Watch, the sleep alarm will sound only on the Watch. To get the alarm sound on iPhone as well, you’d have to set up a separate alarm on iPhone. Also, check if the Apple Watch is set to Nightstand Mode. If that’s the case, the alarm will buzz only on the Watch.

Why is the Apple Watch not vibrating for WhatsApp messages?

There are numerous reasons why Apple Watch may not vibrate for WhatsApp messages. 

First, check that notifications for WhatsApp is enabled on Apple Watch. Open the Watch app on iPhone and go to Settings > Notifications > WhatsApp. Check if the notification is turned on. Other things to check for are network connectivity, Airplane mode, and Do Not Disturb Mode.

Can you receive calls on Apple Watch without iPhone?

Yes, you can receive calls on your Apple Watch without the iPhone. For this, you need to set up the cellular feature on Apple Watch. But this requires the iPhone to be nearby, within 100 meters of the Watch.

Otherwise, you’d have to connect the Apple Watch to the Wi-Fi network to receive calls.

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