How to Rename a Song on iTunes: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Rename a Song on iTunes

Do you have a ton of music on your list and want to organize it most effectively? Maybe some of your songs are misnamed, or something happened, and you need to rename a song on iTunes. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to do! In this post, you will learn how to rename a song on iTunes in just a few simple steps. 

iTunes is a music and video streaming software app hosted by Apple. It can easily read files downloaded online or in the iTunes store. However, the name problem only arises with the former. 

If you have ever had to do the unpleasant task of shifting downloaded files from PC to iPhone or vice versa, you would’ve noticed a change in music files. For reasons that only Apple knows, moving or even downloading files leaves a gibberish mess of names that are unrecognizable to the users. 

What will be left of your beautifully arranged library is a list of nonsensical names you cannot organize. Fortunately for us, Apple has thought this through. In the following subsections, find steps to rename songs on different platforms and get your lovely playlist back. 

Can I Rename a Song on iTunes?

Yes. iTunes allows users to change the name of the songs. Besides just renaming songs on iTunes, you can also change the name of the artists, album, composer, and genre. However, renaming is only allowed on the macOS or Windows software. For the iPhone, you’ll have to go through these systems for change. 

Steps to Rename Songs on Windows PC

How to Rename a Song on iTunes

To rename a song on Windows PC, follow the given steps:

  • Launch the iTunes music app on the PC. You can do it either through the pop-up menu on the left or the app icon on the desktop. 
  • Now go to the Library section and click on the Music tab. 
  • From the left sidebar, select the song that you want to rename. 
  • Once selected, go to Song Info and then Edit
  • Enter the new name and press enter. 

Changing Information Retrieved From CD

If you have a CD with songs you wish to listen to on iTunes and add it to its Library, you can easily do so! 

While inserting the CD, be sure to be connected to the internet. iTunes will automatically retrieve the song files along with all their information, including the song title, artist, and album name. To rename the file:

  • Open the iTunes app, choose Music from the left window, and click on Library. 
  • Insert the CD with songs in your CD, DVD drive, or any other external device. If the information doesn’t automatically appear, tap the CD button present on the top left corner of the window. 
  • Select the song for renaming. Now go to Edit – Info (or press Ctrl-I) – Details. Make the necessary changes and tap Enter.  

Steps to Rename Songs on Mac

If you’re on a macOS and want to rename your song files, then follow these steps:

  • In the dock bar, find the Apple Music app and launch it.
  • Next, click on the Songs bar on the left and select the song you want to rename. 
  • Now choose Song – Info, and a window will appear.
  • Change the requisite information and press Enter. 

Changing Information Retrieved From CD

How to Rename a Song on iTunes

The Apple Music app enables changing information of songs taken from an audio CD. As with the Windows OS, it is recommended to be connected to the internet for automatic retrieval. While importing files, all information is imported with it. 

To change details of the file:

  • First, insert the CD via CD, DVD drive, or any other external source. Launch the app. 
  • If the CD’s information isn’t automatically available, select it on the Devices tab (in the sidebar). 
  • Next, select a particular song, and go to Edit – Info (or press Ctrl-I) – Details. After entering the correct details, press Return. 

Can I Rename Songs Through My iPhone?

No. iTunes settings, in general, do not allow renaming songs on the iPhone app. You would first have to rename the songs in the iTunes music library and then sync it with your phone. Upon syncing, you’ll notice an automatic change in the name.

The precise steps for the process are:

  • First, connect the iPhone to the computer using the cable it came with. After connecting, launch the iTunes app.
  • On the app, go to the Library and then Music – it’ll show a drop-down list of all your songs. 
  • Select the song you want to edit. Next, go to Get Info and then Info.  
  • On the dialog box, make all the changes you require. After completion, press Enter or click OK.
  • Click on the iTunes tab in the upper right corner of the window. It’ll show all the information associated with the iPhone iTunes.
  • Select Sync, and the automatic syncing will begin. After the process is completed, the iTunes app will show the changes in your iPhone. 

Why Is iTunes Showing an Error During Renaming?

How to Rename a Song on iTunes

If you’re facing a problem while carrying out the iTunes names features, you may have set the files to “Read Only.” This setting needs to be changed to a writable file to change the title or the artist.

The process to change the setting is:

  • Launch the iTunes app.
  • Go to Edit – Preferences (Windows) or iTunes – Preferences (Mac).
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Make a note of the iTunes Media folder location.

Now according to your operating system, follow one of the two procedures.


  • Launch the Start menu and choose File Explorer.
  • Go to the location you gathered in the iTunes Media folder location.
  • Right-click on the Music folder and pick Properties.
  • Uncheck the Read Only box.
  • Click OK.
  • Select Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files. Click OK.
  • After a while, the changes will be applied.


  • Navigate straight to the location gathered in the iTunes Media folder location.
  • Go to the Music folder.
  • Click FileGet Info.
  • Expand Sharing & Permissions and click on the Lock icon. 
  • Fill in your credentials as an administrator account.
  • Change the setting from Everyone to Read and Write.

Open your iTunes account. You should now be able to make changes to the song files. 

Why is iTunes renaming my files? How to stop it? 

iTunes names the song according to the ID tags attached to the file instead of what you’ve named it. In addition, the tags can include artist, Album, Title, Date, etc. So to override this function for particular files, follow the steps we’ve given in the above subsections.

But if you want to stop the app from renaming the files forever, go to Edit – Preferences – Advanced and Copy. 


Apple iTunes allows the renaming of song files – it’s simple and fast! However, the option is limited to the owners of Windows and macOS. People with only iPhones can change the file name on the phone app. 

After reading this article, now you can surely rename a song on iTunes.

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