How to Send a Heartbeat on an Apple Watch?

How to Send a Heartbeat on an Apple Watch

If you’re like most people, your Apple Watch is a vital part of your life. You use it to keep track of your health, stay connected with friends and family, and more. But do you know you can also use your Apple Watch to send someone a heartbeat? 

Are you living far away and want to show someone you miss them? Or maybe once or twice a day, you would like to remind them of your love? Apple has the perfect way of making them into a reality.

The watch allows you to send a heartbeat to a person and show that you are thinking of them at that particular moment. 

It is an amazing feature launched as a part of Digital Touch under the watchOS 3. With a simple press, your heartbeat can be recorded and sent to the person with an Apple Watch or iPhone. But what exactly is Digital Touch? Let us understand. 

What Is Digital Touch?

Apple Digital Touch was launched as a part of the watchOS 3 updates on the watch. For iPhones, the feature is only compatible with iOS 10 and above. It is a method of communication that allows you to make sketches and animations. 

To draw sketches, all you need to do is, use your fingers to make tap-based gestures on the watch screen. You can also annotate short animated videos using the video tool of Digital Touch. Select the contact you wish to send them to, and done!

Different Gestures Offered by Apple

We know it is possible to send someone your heartbeat through Apple Watch. But is that all that there is to Digital Touch? Absolutely not! Besides heartbeat, you can send several things, including:

  • Broken heart
  • Sketches
  • Tap on the wrist
  • Angry fireball
  • Lots and lots of kisses
How to Send a Heartbeat on an Apple Watch

How to Use Digital Touch on Apple Watch?

First, ensure that your iPhone is updated to iOS 10 or above, and your Apple watch has watchOS 3. After that:

  • Go to Messages
  • Click on the New Message icon
  • Tap and hold on the Create Message that appears below
  • Choose the Digital Touch option
  • Select the animation
  • Search for the contact or enter a number
  • Hit Send

How to Send a Heartbeat on an Apple Watch?

Now to come to our main question – how to send a heartbeat on an Apple watch. The answer is quite easy. You just need to:

  • Open the Messages option from the home screen of your watch.
  • Select a conversation in which you want to send the heartbeat. Additionally, Force Touch the icon to bring up a New Message if it’s a new person.
  • Near Create Message, you’ll spot the Digital Touch option. The icon represents a heart being touched by two fingers.
  • Tap your two fingers on the screen and hold. Keep it there until a beating heart appears on the screen.
  • Take your fingers off the screen. If it’s an old conversation, it’ll get sent; if it’s new, press Send. 

How to Send Other Gestures on an Apple Watch?

Besides a heartbeat, the Apple watch allows sending kisses, taps, fireballs, and sketches. Here’s how you do it:

Broken Heart

To send a broken heart, go to the Digital Touch canvas and hold two fingers on the screen. Once you notice the heartbeat appear, swipe your fingers down and release. While swiping down, the screen will show an animation of the heart ripping into two. 


The Digital Touch canvas also supports sketches. Simply go to the canvas and tap & drag with one finger to draw your sketch. You can also change the color of the line by tapping on the blue button present on the top right corner of the canvas. 

The colors available are:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • White

After the sketch is finished, click on the Done button, opposite the color button, at the top left corner. Alternatively, you can wait a couple of seconds before it gets sent automatically. 

Tap on the Wrist

To get someone’s attention, you can also send a tap on their wrist. Go to your Digital Touch canvas and tap once or twice anywhere on the screen. It’ll record the number of taps and where exactly you tapped. 

Just like sketches, you can select the color of the taps from the color button on the top right corner. 


Feeling angry at someone and want to express your emotion? How about sending a fireball? Go to the digital canvas and tap & hold down with one finger until the fireball appears. After it appears, release your finger, and send it to the person. 


For the last Digital Touch feature, you have kisses, a perfect way of expressing love to your significant other. To send the kiss, tap two fingers on the Digital Touch canvas. To create more kisses, keep tapping on the screen until you’re satisfied. Press Done, and the kisses will get sent! 

How to Send a Heartbeat on an Apple Watch

How to Turn off Digital Touch on Apple Watch?

As cool as the Digital Touch feature is, sketching is not done best on a small screen. Moreover, using merely fingers puts strain on them, and it has no option to erase or undo the steps. You cannot even see the final work before sending it! 

So, if you want to turn the feature off, just tap on the Digital Touch (Heart) icon. It’ll be disabled automatically! 

Can I Send a Heartbeat Through an iPhone?

While iPhones do not have a heart rate monitor, they can still be used to send your heartbeat through iMessages. To do so:

  • Launch iMessage and open the conversation with the person you want to send a heartbeat to.
  • Tap on the message box and select the Digital Touch option.
  • Tap and hold two fingers on the canvas that appears in the place of the keyboard.
  • Release the fingers, and your heartbeat will get sent!

Why Is My Digital Touch Not Working? 

If you are having some trouble while operating the Digital Touch, then try walking through the following ways (ask your friend as well):

  • Contact App – Check whether both of you have only a single contact card for each other and if it has the correct iPhone number and Apple ID email address. 
  • If your iPhone is still on iOS 9.3.5, verify whether you’ve added your friend to the Friends list on your Apple watch. 
  • Delete old messages from iPhone and the watch. For iPhone, go to the app and swipe left on your message thread. Delete the conversation. For Apple Watch, go to the iMessage from the Home Screen and swipe left on the message thread. Press Trash/Delete.
  • You can also reset the synced data. First launch the Watch app from your iPhone. Then go to, My Watch – General – Reset – Reset Sync Data. The process will go on in the background, so give it a minute or two. 
  • Try enabling and enabling the iMessage of your iPhone. Go to Settings – Messages – iMessage. 
  • Restart the watch and iPhone.


Sending your loved ones a reminder of your presence has been made quite easy through Digital Touch. This feature has enabled sending your heartbeat. Besides that animation, you can also send kisses, fireballs, taps, sketches, and broken hearts. 


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