How to Sleep with AirPods In: Is It a Good Idea?

Is it a good idea to sleep with your AirPods in? Or even better, how to sleep with Airpods in. This article will discuss all of that and more, so if you are a user who never let’s his airpods out of his ears, you should keep reading.

There’s nothing better than sleeping while listening to your favorite music tracks or sounds, and for that, you need the AirPods on! While the Apple AirPods are very comfortable to wear, keeping them on during sleep can be a task.

The buds frequently pop out, and it might hurt your ears if you are a side sleeper. However, all your concerns have come to an end now since this article will give you the information you are looking for.

I’ve listed some quick tips to keep the AirPods in while sleeping. Moreover, the article rounds up some risks you should be aware of if you are habitual of sleeping with the AirPods.

How to Sleep with the AirPods In: Quick Tips for a Comfortable Sleep 

While there is always a lot of hot debate on whether you should sleep with the AirPods or not. If you have decided that you want to listen to that lullaby while avoiding that disturbing cracking window sound, the below-mentioned tips are here for your rescue.

Find the Perfect Fit 

A common problem that almost all AirPods users experience is the buds popping out of the ear while sleeping. Unfortunately, this tip will only help you if you own AirPods Pro, as other models do not come with interchangeable ear tips. 

Use a pair of tips that fit inside your ear, and lock the buds, so that you don’t have to adjust them multiple times.

Use the Right Angle 

The best way to wear the AirPods while sleeping is by twisting them upwards at an angle of 30-degrees. This hack helps bring the base of the buds in a horizontal position so they do not pop out of your ears too frequently. 

Keep the AirPods Clean 

Hygiene is paramount if you want to avert catching any ear allergies or infections. As you’ll be wearing the AirPods for long durations, they should be clean. Get a cotton swab, and clean the buds to get rid of ear wax, dust, and other contaminants. 

You can also dip it in rubbing alcohol to disinfect the buds and make them clean. However, make sure not to submerge the buds into alcohol since it can damage them.

Keep the Volume on a Lower Setting 

Louder volumes can cause a serious impact on the eardrums and can even lead to temporary hearing issues. When sleeping with the AirPods in, you should keep the volume low. I also suggest turning on the ear protection feature that offers you a balanced volume that is gentle to the ears.

How to Sleep with AirPods In

In addition, choose music with a 60-80 bpm pace to keep the heart rate healthy and to enjoy ultimate relaxation while you sleep.

Using a Foam Pillow will Help. 

Being a side sleeper, I’ve experienced severe discomfort when sleeping with the AirPods. And the best solution that I’ve used so far is using a foam pillow. Memory foam pillows mold quickly to contour to the shape of your neck and head. Thus, you won’t experience any discomfort.

It may, sometimes, push the buds inside the ear, causing pain or discomfort.

Take Some Breaks 

It is not a good idea to keep the buds inside the ears for hours while you sleep, so taking a break will come as a helpful resort. Remove the buds after a few hours, and then try to sleep without them. Waking up in the middle of the night and removing the buds can be inconvenient at times, but that’s the only solution.

What I prefer is making a playlist of music tracks for a few hours, and after that, the audio stops atomically as the playlist ends. 

How to Sleep with AirPods In

Is It Safe to Sleep with the AirPods In? Experts Weigh In 

Now that you know about how to sleep with the AirPods in, it is important to understand its consequences. Don’t worry if you wear the AirPods occasionally, but if you are habitual of wearing them every day, you need to know a few things.

They May Cause Severe Pain 

Sleeping with the AirPods in and taking turns on the bed can lead to severe pain. While using a foam memory pillow helps up to an extent, it is also not the best solution. In extreme cases, the buds can cause extreme pressure inside the ears damaging the veins and escalating some other existing issues.

They Affect the Sleeping Pattern 

Sleep is really important and having the AirPods in while sleeping can disrupt the natural sleeping pattern. Changing the tracks, adjusting the volume, and other such things may keep you awake for longer, resulting in poor sleep. 

Blocks External Noises 

If you have kids or pets, you should be aware of what’s going on around you. Unfortunately, sleeping with the AirPods in will cut you off from the external noises, and you may miss out on some important alerts such as alarms. 

My wife doesn’t use AirPods while sleeping, and if you also have your partner around to take care of the alerts, you can use the buds. 

You May Lose the AirPods 

This is not an issue but an inconvenience, I would say. Sleeping with the AirPods in and waking up with both buds off can be a problem, and you have to spend time finding where your AirPods are. 

I’ve even heard people accidentally swallow the buds while sleeping, but there are minuscule chances of it happening.

Final Thoughts: How to Sleep with the AirPods In?

I would recommend sleeping with the AirPods occasionally since using them every day can cause several problems. Always use a memory foam pillow, and insert the buds at an angle of 30-degrees to keep them secure inside the ears.

Lastly, clean the buds daily, and make sure you do not have any existing hearing or ear-related issues, as they may escalate as you keep using the AirPods for long durations of time.

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