How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone – All Models

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

This blog post will show you how to insert a SIM card into your iPhone – all models. Apple has made it very easy to do, and it only takes a few minutes. You will need a paper clip or SIM eject tool (which most iPhones come with). 

SIM cards are small, swappable smart cards that store personal information such as your phone number, cell phone vendor, billing, and even their address book when using a cell phone or smartphone.

This information includes your phone number, smartphone provider, and billing information. It is possible to remove a SIM card from one cellphone and then place it into another phone of your choosing.

The process of upgrading to a new cellphone has never been easier than it is now. Delete the card and use a new one in its stead.

Another benefit of using SIM cards while traveling abroad may be switching out. When you buy a new SIM card in the nation you are visiting and insert it into your phone, you can make calls and use data just as if you were physically there in that nation.

Choosing this alternative rather than purchasing a worldwide data package will save you money in the long run. SIM cards aren’t supported on all phones. They are also present on other phones, but removing them from yours is impossible.

What Sort of SIM Card Does Each iPhone Have?

A SIM card is required for every iPhone. In the iPhone, there are three types of SIM cards:

  • SIM

In the beginning, there was a single-purpose SIM card. While the entire SIM card is the same size as a credit card, it can be pulled out and used on a cell phone.

  • Micro-SIM

The iPhone 4 was the first smartphone to adopt the SIM format when it was released in 2010.

  • Nano-SIM

The iPhone 5’s nano-SIM was introduced in 2012. As a comparison, the nano-SIM is around 13% smaller than its micro-SIM counterpart.

  • eSIM

Using a second SIM card in a phone allows you to have two different phone numbers or phone carriers on the same device. The iPhone XS and iPhone XR are the first devices to have an eSIM. You’ll not find these SIM cards on every Apple device.

Some iPad models use an Apple SIM that connect to cellular data networks. The touchscreen doesn’t need a SIM card because it doesn’t connect to cellular networks. Hence it doesn’t require one.

What Is Information Stored on an iPhone SIM Card?

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

Unlike other mobile phones, users use the iPhone’s SIM card to hold customer data, such as the phone number and billing information.

Additionally, you cannot back up or retrieve data from your iPhone’s SIM card. No need to save any of your data on a SIM card on the iPhone because all your music, applications, and other data are on the phone’s internal storage (or in iCloud).

So, if you change your iPhone’s SIM card, you won’t lose access to your phone’s contact book or other data.

How to Remove the SIM Card from an iPhone

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

It’s easy to remove the SIM card from your iPhone. A paper clip is all you’ll need to get started or the “SIM Removal Tool” that Apple includes with some iPhone models.

  • Find iPhone’s SIM.
  • Unfold a paperclip, so one end is longer than the rest.
  • Insert a paperclip into the small hole next to the SIM card.
  • Press until the SIM card tray pops out.
  • Remove the tray and SIM card from the tray.

What Does a SIM Lock Do?

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

Your phone may have a SIM lock. In this way, the SIM card is bound to a single mobile phone provider. Part of the reason for this practice is the usage of a SIM lock by phone providers to bind users to long-term contracts.

Unlocked phones are those that have had their SIM cards removed from the phone’s lock. You may pay the total retail price of a phone for an unlocked one. As a result, you’ll be able to utilize the smartphone with virtually any carrier.

You may get a free unlock code from your cell phone provider when your contract expires. You can also use tools and software hacks provided by the phone company to unlock phones.

Is There a SIM lock on iPhones?

The iPhone is frequently offered with a SIM lock in several countries, notably the United States. Unlocked iPhones, on the other hand, do not have the SIM lock.

You may be able to unlock an iPhone after a particular amount of time under contract, depending on your country and provider.

Does The iPhone Support Other SIM Card Sizes?

The iPhone can accept several different types of SIM cards. In other words, you may use your current service and number with the iPhone. How to put a sim card in an iphone, you’ll need to trim your SIM card down to the appropriate size, either a micro-SIM or a nano-SIM.

This procedure may be easier with products like the MediaDevil Simdevil 3-in-1 SIM Card Adapter Kit on Amazon, but only for those ready to risk damaging their present SIM card.

How To Insert a SIM Card In An iPhone 4 or 4S?

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

Are you having trouble inserting the SIM card into your iPhone 4? Unlike the conventional Mini-SIM, the Micro SIM for the iPhone 4 measures 15 mm by 12 mm. This is how you may enter a SIM card into an iPhone 4.

  • Straighten a paper clip. Also, consider using the provided SIM eject tool to remove the card from your phone.
  • The SIM tray may be found on the right side of your iPhone 4, as seen below:
  • Push the pin into the hole until the tray pops out. You should now be able to remove the SIM card tray easily.
  • Insert the Micro SIM card into the SIM tray. Ensure that the golden circuit side of the SIM is facing downwards and that it fits correctly.
  • Insert the tray the same way you ejected it. After correctly putting the tray in its position, you’ll hear a click.
  • Let iPhone identify the SIM card. That’s all there is to it!

Can you Insert SIM Card in iPhone 5

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

According to Apple, the iPhone 5 is the world’s smallest smartphone, with a thickness of just 7.6mm. Apple’s new iPhone 5 uses a nano-SIM card, which is 44% smaller than the previous model’s micro-SIM.

As far as I know, the iPhone 5 will not allow you to utilize a regular or micro SIM card. Apple’s nano-SIM, a new standard created by the company, isn’t expected to be widely accessible from all carriers for some time.

All current SIM cards will work with the new design. Micro-SIM and nano-SIM are vastly different in size when compared to one another. Despite your best efforts with a knife or scissors, you won’t be able to utilize your current SIM card with the nano SIM since it is 15 percent thinner.

If you want to learn how to change your Micro SIM to Nano SIM, you may watch this video; however, it is not a failsafe method, and there is a good probability that you will damage your SIM in the process.

Also, the iPhone 5 is not tested with a converted SIM card. Similarly, the iPhone 5’s nano-SIM tray is on the phone’s right side. You can use the SIM eject tool or a paperclip to remove the SIM card and insert your own.

iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus: Inserting The SIM Card

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

Apple has released the iPhone 6, which, like the iPhone 5 and 5S, accepts the Nano SIM card. On the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, you may find the Nano SIM card slot on the right side of the device..

Because the new iPhones are substantially larger, the Power button has been moved to the right-hand side to make it easier to use. The iPhone 6 uses the same method of inserting a SIM card as previous generations.

Users may effortlessly remove the SIM tray and insert their own SIM card with the SIM eject tool or paperclip. You may have to exert some force to get the tray to come out.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Insert SIM Card

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may use a Nano SIM card, much like the iPhone 5 and 6. The SIM card slot is on the right-hand side, just below the power button. Insert a paperclip or a SIM-ejector tool into the SIM tray’s opening and then pop it out.

When you’ve done this, set the nano-SIM with its gold side facing down and enter the tray in the same configuration as before. That’s all there is to it!

Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: How To Insert A SIM Card

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

What’s the first thing you do when receiving a fresh new iPhone? The iPhone 8 does not have a place to insert a SIM card.

To begin with, make sure you have your SIM card inserted. For those coming from an older phone, the new nano SIM card format and the SIM tray where you must enter the SIM card may be unfamiliar.

You’ll first need to ensure that you have the correct SIM card size. To get the nano-sized SIM card, you may either visit a carrier store and have a customer service representative cut it for you or follow our simple step-by-step instructions here to cut your own SIM card.

You’ll need a SIM ejector tool once you’ve found the proper SIM card size (a paperclip or a safety pin would do as well). Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to start. Change or insert a new SIM card in your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus by following the instructions below.

How to Insert/Remove a SIM Card on an Apple iPhone X

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

If you’re having problems with activation, web connection, or a frozen screen, you may want to follow these instructions to insert or remove your SIM card.

  • Turn off iPhone X.
  • Find the iPhone X SIM tray. It’s easy to spot since it has a little eject tool hole.
  • Insert a SIM removal tool to release the SIM card tray. Instead of a SIM removal tool, a paperclip or pushpin or pushpin.
  • Pull iPhone X’s SIM card tray.
  • Insert your SIM card into the slot and push the button to activate. Finally, reinstall the phone’s SIM card tray.
  • Turn on the iPhone X and utilize the mobile network.

Inserting a SIM card is an example of a tutorial. It should resemble the insertion of a SIM card on an iPhone X.

Remove The iPhone XR’s SIM Card

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

A faulty or dislodged SIM card might cause activation troubles, browser connection failures, and a blank or frozen iPhone display, among other problems.

Consider this background if you’re a novice iPhone user and have questions about how to remove and insert a SIM card on the new iPhone XR. Removing a SIM card from an iPhone XR follows a standard procedure.

Even though you can remove the SIM card from your iPhone in any manner you like, following the suggested and appropriate approach will not harm you.

  • Turn the phone off to avoid damaging the SIM card or any other important phone parts.
  • While the phone is off, place the SIM eject tool into the right-side slot. Instead of using the SIM eject tool, use a little paperclip.
  • Pull out the tray after pushing the eject tool until it protrudes.
  • Remove the SIM card.

How To Insert a SIM Card Into An iPhone XR

This guide will show you how to properly install your SIM card into a brand new iPhone XR when you first get your hands on one.

  • Power off the phone.
  • While the phone is off, open the SIM card tray by putting the SIM eject tool or a paperclip into the slot.
  • Pull out the SIM card tray after unlocking it with a SIM eject tool or paperclip.
  • Make sure you have your phone’s SIM card handy.
  • Insert the SIM card with the carrier logo and number on the bottom or gold contacts facing up.
  • Insert and lock the SIM card by pressing the tray.

Put the two nano-SIM cards back into the phone and reinstall the SIM tray in the same position as previously. The tray, on the other hand, can only be positioned one way, so you’ll know if it’s in the correct position or not.

The iPhone XR includes dual-SIM functionality like the iPhone XS and XS Max. As a result, it can accommodate both a physical nano-SIM card and an electronic SIM card.

It’s possible to have two different phone numbers on one iPhone, one for calls and one for text messages. Contact your carrier or service provider for further details on how eSIM works and how to get it.

How Do I Insert Two SIM Cards Into iPhone 11?

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

Follow these procedures to Know how to insert sim card in iphone 11

  • Insert a paper clip into the iPhone’s side hole and press the SIM ejector button.
  • Remove the SIM card tray with care.
  • Insert one nano-SIM card in slot one and another in slot 2. Turn the cards over so that their gold contacts are facing down.

Remove or Add an iPhone 12 SIM Card

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

How to put a sim card in an iphone 12, the SIM card slot is on the same side as the volume rockers. The tray and ejection hole is located at the bottom of the frame on the right side of the device. You can remove the iPhone 12’s SIM Card in the following manner.

  • Completely shut down your iPhone 12.
  • Find the device’s eject hole.
  • Insert and push the SIM eject tool button.
  • Eject tray
  • Carefully remove the tray from the frame.
  • Take out the SIM card from the holder.

It’s critical to line up the SIM card correctly when reinstalling it in the iPhone 12. The phone’s gold contacts will face down if the phone is looking up. Another option is to align the SIM Card with the tray’s shape.

iPhone 13 And 13 Pro SIM Card Removal And Insertion

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

Before you can even begin using your new iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Mini, or Pro Max, you need to know how to insert sim card in iphone 13.

Regarding iPhones, inserting a SIM card hasn’t changed much in a long time. To insert their cards, customers must still use a tiny pin to unlock the hatch on the side of their phones that faces the card reader.

  • To insert and remove your SIM card, follow these instructions. Contact Apple customer service if you’re still having issues, or the latch won’t open. Bring it into an Apple shop for assistance if you need it.
  • Locate the specific pin that came with your gadget. A thin, oval-shaped metal rod should do the trick.
  • Insert the thin end into the device’s right or left circular hole. Gently press the gadget until you hear a click. Pop out the SIM card slot.
  • Remove the little piece and notice its appearance. Insert the component into your phone until you hear a click.

You should be able to activate your iPhone if you follow these instructions and make sure your SIM card is the proper size.

What is SIM Card? All you need to Know!

How To Insert Sim Card In IPhone

But what do SIM cards accomplish, and how do you use them? You must first insert a SIM card into your phone to use it as a phone. It’s unclear what a SIM card is and what happens if you don’t have one. Let’s look at SIM cards and see what they can do for us.

What Is “SIM” Abbreviated For?

First and foremost, let’s get the fundamentals out of the way. A SIM card’s name alone tells you a lot about its performance. It stands for “subscriber identity module.”

It is a mini-passport for utilizing cellular data, allowing you to be recognized by the network as an authentic user.

What Is the Function of a SIM Card?

No SIM card is required to switch on the phone. You may verify this by turning on your phone without the SIM card.

Turning it on should be a breeze. Your phone, on the other hand, will be dead. SIM cards are essential for connecting to a mobile network because they store crucial personal and financial data.

You must know what network, phone number, and data you can access. You lose your network connection when you take out your SIM card, which is why you don’t receive a signal.

Wi-Fi and other non-cellular data can still be used if you don’t have a SIM card. You still need a SIM card to make calls over Wi-Fi, as your network operator will eventually handle the data.

Different-Sized SIM Cards

Nano, Micro, and Standard SIM cards are the three sizes available. Your device’s manufacturer, model, and age determine your phone’s capacity.

It’s important to know which size your phone prefers before getting a new SIM card to receive the right one. In the end, most cellular carriers have done a great job handling this issue.

For the most part, you’ll receive a Standard-sized SIM card when you order one from a well-known service provider. On the other hand, the SIM card will be perforated, allowing you to take out pieces of it to create the Micro or Nano versions.

Some Phones Support Dual SIMs

You may be familiar with the term “dual SIM” phones. This function will come in handy if you need to keep track of more than one phone number. As the name suggests, a dual SIM phone allows you to use two different SIM cards in the same phone.

This allows you to use a single phone to manage two different phone numbers, one for each SIM card.

This is a great solution if you want to keep your personal phone number distinct from your business number. You can receive calls from your business and personal SIM cards using a dual-SIM phone. Both numbers are now usable for making phone calls.

When trying to make a phone call, your phone will often ask you which SIM card you want to use. You can use two networks at the same time, of course.

For example, if you have two separate SIM cards from two different carriers, SIM 1 may receive a strong signal, but SIM 2 does not.

SIM Cards Can Store Data

Your phone may store Data on SIM cards.. However, before you pack all your images onto it, remember that SIM cards can only contain 256kb of data. Contacts and SMS messages are the only things that people store on them.

If you switch phones, you don’t have to re-add all your contacts because of this feature. Some apps allow you to manage the data on your SIM card if you’re curious about what’s happening there.

If you’re considering getting a new phone, you’ll be able to access all your data on this one.

Are SIM Cards Tired To Phones?

SIM cards aren’t permanently attached to the phones they’re inserted into. You are swapping the SIM card in your phone with a new one while updating is possible.

There are several things to keep in mind here. You may have to get a brand-new SIM card if your new phone demands a different size than your existing one. Occasionally, your SIM card won’t work on a particular phone.

Only One Carrier’s SIM Card Works In A Locked Phone

When it comes to SIM cards, you’ll need to know the difference between “locked” and “unlocked.” You can only use certain types of SIM cards on certain phones if you know what they mean.

You mayon use Sim cards on a “locked” phone. When a network provider and a device maker partner give their customers exclusive access to a single phone, you’ll see locked phones. A locked phone will not accept a SIM card incompatible with the phone.

On the other hand, an “unlocked” phone accepts SIM cards from any service provider. This may be a phone made by a company that isn’t tied to a particular network carrier.

A previously locked phone may be “unlocked,” so it takes any SIM card at a mobile phone repair or repair shop. They’re generally worth more than phones that have been locked.

This isn’t the same as using a PIN, pattern, or biometric scan to “unlock” your phone’s security. There is no guarantee that an unlocked phone does not come with a lock screen if you see it promoted on the market.

Can you use SIM Cards Abroad?

When traveling abroad, you may be able to use your data in what is known as “data roaming” with certain service providers. When your cellular provider contracts with another firm in another country to allow your SIM card to utilize their network, this is what you’re referring to.

Do your homework on your carrier’s roaming rates before you pack your phone and head out for a vacation. To use your phone overseas, you may have to pay a costly fee from your mobile service provider.

It is also possible that roaming charges are higher in some countries than others. Consider purchasing a SIM card at your destination’s airport to save money. You’ll have to pay the same as the rest of the population.

As a result, your phone number will be change, but you’ll find it much easier to communicate nationwide. You can also maintain your existing SIM in case someone wishes to call you and add the foreign SIM as your second one if you have a dual SIM.

How to Change Sim Cards on an iPhone

You can switch to a local physical SIM card instead if you’d rather avoid expensive roaming fees or foreign charges. It’s possible to get one at the airport or throughout town, in most situations.

However, before you do that, refresh your memory on the specifics of iPhone SIM cards. Here’s everything you need to know about them and how to switch SIM cards while on the road.

What to Know Before Changing Your iPhone’s SIM Card

Many users have raised the question of whether or not an iPhone can exchange SIM cards. Yes, you can do that. There are, however, a few points to keep in mind: Unlocking your phone is necessary if you use a different SIM card.

If you bought your phone straight from Apple, you wouldn’t have to worry about this. Apple often sells its phones unlocked. But if you bought the phone through one of the major US carriers, it’s likely to be locked.

It’s usually sufficient to phone your carrier and explain that you will be traveling overseas. Carriers prefer you utilize their overseas data plans rather than their domestic ones. However, this is not always the case. If this is the case, you’ll need to unlock your phone using a third-party app.

SIM Cards Don’t Store Contacts, Applications, Or Data

There are no contact details stored on the SIM card in an iPhone. Cloud backs up all your data. You may still access your data if you travel without bringing your SIM card. Your customer data is the only data stored on your iPhone SIM card. Apple uses that information to track your phone.

iPhones Utilize Nano-SIM Cards

It’s worth mentioning that since 2012, all iPhones have used a nano-SIM card. These are the tiniest SIM cards on the market today. Because smartphones with micro-SIM cards still exist, it’s important to keep this in mind when purchasing a new phone.


You should now be aware of where the SIM card tray is located on your Apple iPhone, what you’ve been doing to unlock the SIM card tray, and how to remove and reinstall a SIM card.

Remember that you shouldn’t apply excessive pressure when opening the tray and shouldn’t try to push the SIM card into the tray either. When replacing the SIM card in your iPhone, there should be just one method to get things done the right way.


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