How to Invert a Picture on iPhone | Invert Colors Guide

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

The color invert feature is one of the handiest features for people with visual impairments. Apple supports the inversion of images through its inbuilt features. Get to know how to use the color invert feature of your iPhone here.

The iPhone’s display options are some of the best in the industry, and they’re easy to use for most consumers. Even though the iPhone’s display still irritates your eyes, we have some tips for you.

iPhone users can play with the iPhone’s color-inverting features. When users have trouble seeing an image on their iPhone, inverting the colors can be a lifesaver.

This article will discuss how to invert colors on an iPhone picture. So, let us discuss “How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone.”

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

The photo editing features in iCloud Photos are rather good. On the other hand, the inversion of hues does not fall within this category. It means you’ll need third-party software to flip the colors of a single image.

It’s not only for inverting colors that Photoshop Express and Lightroom are two of the greatest picture editing applications. Both services are simple and cost nothing (although paid versions are available).

You may also select the app that best suits your needs because the process is different for each app.

I’ll briefly walk you through how to accomplish your goals in both applications, so you can decide which one is ideal for you.

Method #1: Use Photoshop Express

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

Photoshop Express is the greatest iPhone app for changing the color of images. It’s the only one I’ve come across that allows you to change the color of an image.

Other apps may be available in the App Store, but Photoshop Express is the best. A specific color-inverting filter is available within the app, allowing you to quickly and easily invert your photos.

Follow these instructions for inverting your photographs’ color palettes in Photoshop Express.

  • Step #1: Start Photoshop Express and play around with the options.
  • Step #2: Select the photo you wish to reverse from the Edit menu.
  • Step #3: Select “Basic” from the Looks tab.
  • Step #4: After you’ve made it to the right, select Invert.
  • Step #5: This option is available by clicking the Share icon in the upper-right corner and selecting Save.

That’s pretty much it. The inverted version of your photo is now in your collection. You can do this with as many photographs as you like.

Method #2: iPhone Settings

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

This section will examine how to invert colors in an iPhone photo. A built-in feature is available on the iPhone. In truth, there are two ways to change the color of an object.

You can use Smart Invert or Classic Invert as an end-user. Let’s have a look at the entire process:

  • Step #1: Open the Settings app.
  • Step #2: Accessibility may be found by scrolling down and tapping on it.
  • Step #3: Go to the Accessibility area and look for the Display & Text Size section.
  • Step #4: It will redirect you to further settings after tapping the Display & Text Size button.
  • Step #5: Select either a “smart invert” or a “classic invert” by scrolling down.
  • Step #6: To utilize iPhone’s invert color feature, turn it on.

It’s important to note that the techniques outlined above only apply to newer iPhone models. You can invert colors in both the picture and the UI on the iPhone.

Choose between clever inversion and classic invert to see what happens. These instructions may be slightly different for earlier iPhone models. Here’s how to make an earlier iPhone’s inverts color feature work:

You’ll need an iPhone model from the last few years to activate invert color quickly. iPhone x and later versions are considered newer models.

These models do not have a physical home button that you may press to get to the home screen.

As a result, the steps are slightly different from those previously used. Newer iPhones have an invert color shortcut that you can use like this.

  • Step #1: Begin by opening the Settings app on your phone or tablet.
  • Step #2: Find Accessibility at the bottom of the page. Press the button to activate it.
  • Step #3: Toggle the Invert Colors button in the Accessibility section.
  • Step #4: To activate the inversion function, turn it on.

Method #3: Use of Lightroom

Photoshop Express is the way to go if you only need to invert a few photographs quickly. However, Lightroom is better if you seek greater agency and expanded creative scope.

Remember that Lightroom lacks the auto-invert feature included in Photoshop Express. Instead, you can invert your photos by adjusting the Curves slider.

Despite the inconvenient nature of this method, it allows for more creative photo editing in terms of exposure, inversion, contrast, etc.

Here’s how to make Lightroom invert your photos’ hues:

  • Step #1: Launch Lightroom.
  • Step #2: Import the image you wish to invert.
  • Step #3: Go to Light > Curve
  • Step #4: In the Tone Curve portion, you must drag the bottom left point to the top left and the top right point to the bottom right.
  • Step #5: Now, you have an image with inverted colors.

Why Should you Invert Colors on an iPhone?

Why would an iPhone owner want to invert the colors in a photo? Because of the screen’s default color scheme, people with vision problems have trouble reading text or viewing images on an iPhone.

So, the color invert feature helps them change the display of colors.

If the current fill-up color is black, it will be changed to white when you use the color invert effect. Therefore, it can be useful for people who are colorblind or have trouble seeing certain colors.

How to Invert Color on Newer iPhone Models?

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

For newer iPhones, there is a shortcut to instantly switch to invert color mode. By “newer models,” we mean iPhones released in 2018 and after. In this case, the device has no actual “home” button.

It means that the procedures have evolved slightly from their predecessors. The shortcut to invert colors on more recent iPhones works as follows:

  • Step #1: Open the iPhone’s Settings menu.
  • Step #2: Scroll down and open the General option.
  • Step #3: Scroll to the bottom of General Settings and select “Accessibility
  • Step #4: A range of options will appear. Select the Smart Invert Colors option
  • Step #5: You have successfully enabled the Smart Invert Colors option. For new models of Apple iPhone, you will need to press the side button three times to enable the function.

How to Invert Color on Older iPhone Models?

Now we will be discussing enabling the Smart Invert Color option on older versions of the iPhone. The steps are the same as newer iPhone models. However, there is a slight difference. Let’s find out:

  • Step #1: Open the iPhone’s Settings menu.
  • Step #2: Scroll down and open the General option.
  • Step #3: Scroll to the bottom of General Settings and select “Accessibility
  • Step #4: A range of options will appear. Select the Smart Invert Colors option
  • Step #5: To activate the Color Invert, you must press the home button twice a row. That’s it. You don’t have to do anything else. You successfully enabled the color invert on your iPhone.

Can you Invert a Black and White Photo?

The ability to invert colors on iPhone photos is a quick and easy technique to add visual flair to your photos. You may utilize the function without a computer or expensive editing software.

You may easily edit videos on the go by downloading and opening a free app on your mobile device. Video effects, transitions, and scores are just some things you can add to your finished product at this point.

Launch the iPhone’s Photos app to do this. Choose an image and tap it to see it upside down. The “Edit” button will become available in the top right corner.

Assigning this accessibility feature to a trick-click on the main button (home button) makes it easy to invert several photos with a single click.

Avoid opening the menu for each photo by tapping the Share icon in the upper right corner of the display. As an additional feature, the Snapseed app allows you to invert colors.

It’s as simple as choosing a photo and using the Pop or Accentuate filter to invert it.

The Accentuate filter boosts color saturation, while the Pop filter amps up the action.

Whether you’re using a computer, press the Windows key and type “Magnifier” to see if it comes up in the search results. There, you’ll find the option to invert the color palette.

Is There a Way to Make your Photo Negative on iPhone?

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

First of all, make sure to invert the colors of your photo. The Camera app includes a Classic Invert setting that allows you to accomplish this. Now your phone will reflect your image in reverse hues.

After you’ve done this, you can also use the same technique to examine images in collage settings. You can use lightbox as an alternative means of examination.

You can also use a loupe to invert the colors of your photos.

After that, you can alter the photos in an application like Photoshop.

Although new users may feel overwhelmed by the program’s complexity, it is a great choice for those interested in mastering more advanced photo editing techniques.

The software contains several tools that can be useful when creating negative images.

You can use it for picture manipulation, such as cropping, overlaying, or even painting. It’s easy to use, and once you do, you may create your unique artwork.

The Negative Image app is also useful if you wish to make global changes to an image. With this software, you can “invert” a specific region and save the results to your gallery.

You can further customize the shot by exporting it to your phone’s photo gallery when editing is complete. Then you can broadcast it to everyone you know!

Making a Photo Negative on iPhone 8:

You’ve found the ideal place if you’re interested in learning how to create a photo negative on an iPhone 8. You can begin going with these simple pointers.

Start by opening the Photos app and switching the camera to its editing mode. Select the Adjust tool by swiping up on the toolbar.

When you don’t have access to this resource, open the Settings menu, go to Accessibility, and then touch Display Accommodations.

The next step is to launch the Photos app and pick your image. It is also possible to use a computer’s or television’s blank screen. You can accomplish this by increasing the screen’s brightness.

In addition, you can create a blank white screen in the Notes app and set the negative on it. Then select “Done” to finish up.

Making a Photo Negative on iPhone 11:

You can use one of two methods on the iPhone 11 to snap a picture with a negative effect. To begin, select “Classic Invert” from the menu. Once Classic Invert has been activated, a peculiar image screen will appear.

Another option is to use a color inversion tool within your chosen photo editor. However, this will not have the same result as inverting the image. With the right iOS configuration, you can pull off this feat.

Color inversion is another option available to iPhone 11 users. Go to Image and then to Adjustments. In the Adjustment part, you select Colors > Invert.

When using the Photos app, you can select the image you wish to flip and then swipe left or right on it.

If you slide up on the control panel, you’ll find the Adjust option, which you may use to invert the colors by clicking on it. You may do it by using apps like Negative Photo, which are compatible with iPhone 11.

Can you Customize Color Inverts on iPhone and Android?

You’ll find four hexagons in a row next to the color gradient. It is possible to invert only one color at a time or to employ the entire RGB color wheel as in a full-color inversion.

Follow the steps below to customize the color inversion:

  • Step #1: Tap the Red Hexagon on the left to adjust the red color curve before reversing the line in the color curve.
  • Step #2: Switch the way the line is going or try putting it in the middle.
  • Step #3: Why don’t you experiment with the other color pickers? Select Contrast, Highlight, Saturation, Shadow, Temperature, Sharpness, Tint, or HSL from the drop-down menu. Choose the desired effect by clicking on the desired tool and then adjusting the slider.
  • Step #4: Select the check mark in the top left when you are through making color adjustments to your image. You can keep editing or save the current version to your camera roll by clicking the Download button.

The Top Applications to Invert Colors on iPhone or Android

App #1: PhotoDirector

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

Invert the colors of your photographs with ease using PhotoDirector, the web’s top free photo editor and collage builder.

The app’s color curve tool gives you granular control over converting colors to a specific color, saturation, and lightness values.

AI-powered effects, Precision editing tools, and basic lighting and color adjustments allow you to improve, stylize, and animate your photographs.

It also includes access to millions of stock photos from services like iStock by Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Unsplash.

The elegant and straightforward interface makes it possible to make changes and apply effects with just a few taps.

App #2: Negative Image

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

With a Negative Image, you can invert an image’s colors or apply a negative filter to it. It’s also possible to selectively invert only a specific region of a photo while leaving the rest unaltered.

You can also use negative Images to scan and digitize old film negatives. Select images from your phone’s gallery, or take new ones with the in-built camera. You may find Negative Image in the Google Play store.

App #3: Negative Me

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

The Negative Me app only has one sole purpose. You may switch between viewing an image in its negative and positive forms with a single click.

Launch the app, select an existing photo, or use the camera to take a new one. The image will instantly switch to black and white from its original color. You may get Negative Me from the App Store.

App #4: Negative Photo

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

The company scans and creates photographic negatives. In other words, you can use the device’s built-in camera to take pictures while applying effects like the negative photo effect at the same time.

The program also includes a scanner for converting old photo negatives into digital images.

In addition to the negative impact, various photo filters such as cartoon, edge, and sketch filters are also available.

After applying an effect, you can adjust the strength and opacity using sliders and publish your work online.

If you have a lot of old negatives that you wish to scan as ordinary images or if you want to invert the colors, Negative Photo is a great option.

It’s a fantastic method of preserving precious recollections. However, the free edition of the program lets you flip a photo into a negative.

You can’t even access the free trial version’s limited features without purchasing a membership.

App #5: Negative Photo Effects HD

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

The HD version of Negative Photo Effects is an effects brush and collage builder. Using the finger brush tool makes it possible to give your images a negative vibe.

Reap the unfavorable consequences for only the things and people you select by adjusting the brush size.

You can access various filters, stickers, and effects when using the app’s built-in camera or uploading an existing photo.

The program also lets you swap out the backdrop color and sprinkle on some fancy patterns.

Additionally, you can alter the grid size, border color, and background color of more than 30 available collage layouts. An inverted filter is also a notable feature.

Applying special effects to a specific area of a photo with the brush tool in Negative Photo Effects HD is great fun.

You can’t apply the effect to the whole picture, but you can only do it using the brush tool. Also absent is an eraser for polishing off the brush’s work.

If your finger goes outside the lines, which is quite easy to do, you will have to start over.

Can you Invert Colors on iPhone without an App or Tool?

How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

The Photos app on the iPhone does not appear to have an invert function.

The Photos app lets you make many color changes (such as adjusting the contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation), but there doesn’t appear to be a straightforward option to invert it.

Other apps, however, provide far more robust photo editing features, such as the ability to invert the colors of photos in your iPhone gallery.


Q1: How can you invert a picture’s colors on an iPhone?

A: Launch the Photos app and choose the desired photo to invert the colors of a photo on an iPhone. Then, in the screen’s upper-right corner, hit the Edit button and select the Invert Colors option.

Q2: How can I invert a picture’s colors using Photoshop?

A: There are several techniques to reverse a photograph’s colors. In Photoshop, you can utilize the “Image > Adjustments > Invert” option. Alternatively, you can utilize GIMP’s “Color > Invert” option.

Q3: Can I invert iPhone photos?

A: Yes, you can invert images on iPhone by opening the Photos app, choosing the image you wish to invert, and then tapping Edit. Select the Invert button from the Edit menu.

Q4: How do you create an iPhone 8 photo negative?

A: To create a photo negative on an iPhone 8:

  • Use the Photos app and locate the image you wish to alter.
  • Tap the photo to open it in edit mode once you’ve located it.
  • Slide up on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to get the tools menu.
  • From this point, you must select the “Adjust” tool.


How to Invert Colors on a Picture on iPhone

Color Invert is a nice option for those people that are colorblind. To make it easier for people, Apple introduced this feature.

The color invert option, in my opinion, maybe the best option to ensure that every person gets the best possible experience.

There are many ways that you can use to make your photos inverted. I tried to cover all the methods here in this article. Here, we conclude our article “How to Invert a Picture on iPhone | Invert Colors Guide.”

For more informative articles, stay tuned with us!


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