The Ultimate iPhone Blank Text Messages Guide

iPhone Blank Text Messages

Sending a blank message can be a frustrating task on iPhone. But why is it so difficult? It is because we don’t know the methods to send a blank text message. Here, you will find how to send iPhone blank text messages to others.

Currently, there is no way to send a blank iMessage through iPhone. Before iPhone’s software update, this was a simple task, but now that things have changed, they no longer provide us with such a choice. However, I promise we’ll be doing something exciting if you’re still with me.

iPhone users are limited in what they may enter into their chats to simply text, stickers, gifs, emoticons, and photographs. You can’t send a blank message on an iPhone unless you input nothing.

We dispatch many empty text messages on our phones, but what exactly occurs when we do that? Perhaps your buddies will be surprised if you send them a blank iMessage or SIM text.

The send button does not show up on the iPhone when you try to send a blank message, and hitting the up arrow button has no effect. To get more attention from your pals, send them a blank message on their iPhones if they don’t know about this method.

Most people believe software is required on a PC to send a blank message from an iPhone. However, that is not the case now, and I will explain the most straightforward technique to you.

Apple iPhone: How To Send Blank Text Messages

  • Step #1: Launch the iPhone’s Messages app.
  • Step #2: Now, you will see your inbox.
  • Step #3: To send a blank message to someone, open their chat and choose their conversation.
  • Step #4: After tapping the text area, a keyboard should appear.
  • Step #5: Insert the text you copied between the square brackets into the text area.
  • Step #6: Do not enter text into the chat box after pasting the blank code.
  • Step #7: To continue, use the up arrow.
  • Step #8: The message has been revealed to be completely blank.

Are There Any Limitations to Sending a Blank Message?

Wondering if there are any limitations to sending a blank message? Well, there may be some. To send a blank message on an iPhone, you must copy and paste a unique code.

How To Stop The iPhone’s Blank Text Messages?

A notification appears while you’re waiting for essential communication, but when you open it, there’s nothing there. This may create unnecessary frustration for others, so finding a solution is crucial.

Method #1: Stop Receiving Blank iPhone Text Messages

One option is to request that the person(s) frequently send you blank messages and attempt to condense their communications into something more manageable. Due to the length of the material, an error may occur.

There was difficulty delivering your message because your phone automatically cuts and splits it into pieces when it detects that a statement is too lengthy to transmit in a single chunk.

A protracted text message may cause problems when sent from an iPhone, but there is a workaround. If you frequently receive blank messages or lengthy texts from a specific individual, advise him to shorten his messages or do it himself.

Method #2: Adjust The Keyboard Settings

iPhone Blank Text Messages

Receiving blank messages might be due to the sender’s usage of a different keyboard layout for the target language than your own.

If I understand correctly, he has his set in English, while you have yours in Spanish. The solution is simple: switching your iPhone’s keypad to the appropriate language or having the sender switch theirs.

Method #3: Check The SIM Card On Your iPhone

Hopefully, after reading the above, you will no longer be wondering how to prevent your iPhone from receiving blank or partial text messages. If the issue persists, it is due to your SIM card.

Whether you’re having trouble receiving texts, you may check to see if the problem is related to your SIM card by sending a message to a number other than your iPhone or making a phone call.

If this seems like the situation, contact your service provider or a reputable phone business immediately to get a replacement card, as damaged cards cannot be retrieved (at least not by your means).

You shouldn’t switch cards if you’re concerned about losing your number. Since requesting a new card would result in the same number allocated to you, it is not worth the hassle.

Also, you may try taking out the SIM and re-inserting it into your iPhone if that doesn’t work. As already mentioned, if it doesn’t function, you’ll need to get a new one.

That should be all the information you need to know to avoid receiving blank or partial text messages on your iPhone. You may stop this irritating problem by just going to your mobile device and applying each remedy shown to you.

What You Need to Know About Typing Long, Empty Chat Messages

iPhone Blank Text Messages

You are not alone if you have no idea what long blank texts are. Even if they don’t have much to say, a long, meaningless text message might convey a great deal. So, let’s look at “empty messages” and how to make them on your gadgets.

1. How Do Lengthy Blank Messages Work?

The power of silence can now be transmitted via text message. Long blank messages are just that: messages with no content. Long empty messages serve various purposes, and their senders can express many meanings.

An extended silence during an argument indicates that the sender does not wish to continue the conversation. Sending a blank note to loved ones might be a lighthearted way to pass the time. Nobody will suspect your motives or your method.

2. Tips for Sending a Long, Empty Message on an iPhone

Learn how to make blank messages now that you know why they’re helpful. iPhone owners may utilize the built-in Messages app for composing empty texts quickly.

Previous iOS devices made it possible to send a blank message by pressing the spacebar and the send button. Newer versions of the iPhone no longer support this function, although there is a workaround.

Tip #1: Use Your Web Browser

While viewing text and pictures online, we are unaware of their gaps. To send a blank message, iPhone users must pay close attention to the whitespace between words.

The next step is to tap and hold in the spot where you wish to paste the choice. Once you’ve pasted your message, you’ll be able to send it without filling in any information.

Tip #2: Use a Blank Message and Reply

It’s possible to be inspired to send a blank message after receiving one. Instead of researching novel methods of sending lengthy empty messages, you may get to the point by copying and transmitting the original message.

It’s easy to cut and paste, and you can reuse the content whenever you need to send a new message by going to your conversations.

3. How To Create A Long Blank Message on an Android Phone

Android phones and tablets may use the same tips and tricks as iPhones. It’s also possible to utilize several applications on Android to send lengthy blank texts.

Use Blank Message App

The good news is that you can download several apps to your phone to facilitate the sending of blank messages. Several apps can do this, so find one that suits your needs best.

The software may allow you to customize the maximum amount of blank characters copied to the clipboard. When ready to send a lengthy message, the following step is to copy and paste the content.

4. Create a Blank Email on Your Computer

You may also transfer lengthy, blank texts from your computer to mobile devices like iPhones and Androids.

Use Methods from the Empty Character Site

We’re the best resource for meaningless text fragments. When you visit the site, look for the section that describes the many ways to transmit a single empty character. Initially, you may copy a button from the webpage to your clipboard.

To send the blank surface, open your chat window, paste it, and hit send. One of the most convenient ways to send a lengthy blank message is by using the first option, as you can copy and paste the text as many times as you need to reach the desired length.

You may also manually select the text within the blue borders, copy it, and then paste it. You can find your solution with the site’s assistance.

5. How To Make Use of Blank Messages People Send and Why

Sending a long, blank message is often used when the sender wants to convey an idea but lacks the appropriate words. Someone may attempt to catch your attention but be at a loss for words. Long, blank messages have various uses, as you probably well know.

One must distinctively present oneself, especially when meeting a new person. It might be scary to be the one to initiate contact with a stranger online. In any situation, a blank text message works wonders as a conversation starter.

Sending blank notes to friends and family may be a fun way to play practical jokes on them. It’s a fun technique to get people talking in your conversations by making them wonder why they received your message and what it signifies.

6. Sending Long Blank Messages And How To Avoid Them

For an ordinary sender, blasting out a blank message might be harmless. However, the recipient might interpret the vast stretch of white space differently. Your blank message might be interpreted as an indication of hacking.

The IT sector considers receiving blank emails as a sign that hostile actors are attempting to compromise your network. A long, empty communication from a stranger might make a person nervous.

They may respond by ignoring your calls or even reporting your number if you behave this way. To avoid the pitfalls of long blank texts, always send them to individuals you share similarities with to avoid landing in trouble.

iPhone Messages App Blank? Here’s Why And The Fix!

You’ve launched the iPhone’s Messages app, only to find a blank, white interface. Even though you were alerted to a new iMessage, you can’t seem to access it. I will explain how to permanently resolve the issue where the Messages app on your iPhone is blank.

Fix #1: Force Quit And Relaunch The Messages App

iPhone Blank Text Messages

If your iPhone’s Messages app is blank, try closing and reopening it and starting by launching the multitasking menu. Just double-click the Home button to access the multitasking menu on an iPhone 8 or older model.

To access the app switcher on an iPhone X or later, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, stopping in the middle. You may dismiss Messages on your iPhone by swiping them up and off the top of the screen.

Fix #2: Activate and Restart Your iPhone

iPhone Blank Text Messages

Restarting your iPhone could help if quitting the Messages app doesn’t work. The Messages app not opening on your iPhone could result from a software crash caused by another app or program.

To begin, make sure your iPhone is turned off by pushing and holding the power button (iPhone 8), the volume button, or the side button until the slider shows on the screen. Swipe the red power icon from left to right to turn off your iPhone.

Depending on your iPhone model, you’ll need to wait around 15 seconds before pressing and holding the power button or the side button until the Apple logo shows in the middle of the screen.

The Messages app must still be empty, so launch it and check. If so, continue to the next section.

Fix #3: Turn iMessage Off And Back On

iPhone Blank Text Messages

Your iPhone’s Messages app may be blank because of a problem with iMessage, the unique messaging system used between Apple devices. Turning iMessage off and on again, like we did when resetting your iPhone, may solve a small problem.

Opening the Settings menu, then selecting Messages, allows you to toggle iMessage on and off. To disable iMessage, use the toggle located to its right. When the switch is white and in the left position, it indicates that iMessage is turned off. To reactivate iMessage, tap the toggle again.

Fix #4: Update Your iPhone Now

iPhone Blank Text Messages

A software update may fix a bug that prevents the iPhone’s Messages app from displaying any messages. If you haven’t tried upgrading to the newest version of iOS, you should.

To upgrade to the most recent version of iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update and then hit Download and Install.

After the new iOS update is downloaded, your iPhone will install the update and restart. Something may go wrong during the update process, so if your iPhone stops updating, read this article to find out what to do.

Fix #5: Reset All Settings

iPhone Blank Text Messages

A complete reset of the settings is an effective method of getting rid of and fixing in-depth software issues that might be frustrating to seek out.

Rather than attempting to find the core source of your software problem, we will restore all of your iPhone’s settings to factory defaults.

If you plan to reset all scenes, make sure you jot down your Wi-Fi passwords first. Launch the Settings app and navigate to General > Transfer Or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings to wipe your device clean.

Then, enter your passcode and the Restrictions passcode when the confirmation message displays. Finally, hit Reset All Settings. After you tap Reset All Settings, your iPhone will do the reset and restart itself.

Fix #6: Make A DFU Restore On Your iPhone

DFU restore is a final resort when other software fixes have failed. A DFU restoration erases and reloads all the code on your iPhone, giving it an entirely new start. See this post if you want to know how to set your iPhone into DFU mode.

How To Send A Blank Message On WhatsApp?

OnlyWhatsApps is here to show you how to use one of the most well-known mobile phone applications, WhatsApp, to send a blank message in the Chat.

We will show you how to use iPhone to pull a quick one on your friends and coworkers using the cutting-edge technology available to you today.

Conceptual Framework

So that you have a firm grasp of the topic, I feel obligated to give you some background information before we get to the meat of the article, which is to explain how to send a blank message on WhatsApp.

It should be made clear that this lesson does not cover any advanced features of WhatsApp and that you cannot continue sending messages unless you type anything into the chat screen’s text input box.

Despite what may have been implied above, sending blank messages on WhatsApp is still an option. The “secret” that allows you to accomplish this from a computer or smartphone is to employ invisible characters; these characters read as blank spaces but may still be transmitted over WhatsApp since they are recognized as writing surfaces.

Unicode, which dates back to 1987, and the ASCII language, created in 1961, both have invisible characters. The ASCII system uses 8 bits and allows 256 characters to be represented. In contrast, the Unicode system offers 21 bits and enables a repertoire of numeric codes that may represent roughly a million characters.

After this is understood, sending a WhatsApp message with no content is as simple as copying and pasting the invisible letters. Still, some apps designed for this exact purpose may be preferable to some.

To avoid any potential misuse, please inform the intended receiver of the “misdeed” as soon as feasible. Sending a contact on WhatsApp a blank message as a joke or in an attempt to catch his attention might be entertaining, but it is not fair to cause people inconvenience by leading them to believe that there is a problem with their phone.

Blank Text Messages on Whatsapp For iPhone

Unfortunately, there is currently no iOS software that would allow you to send blank messages using WhatsApp; nevertheless, you only need to copy and paste an invisible character into your message before sending it to the desired recipient.

Then just cut and paste the text between the [ ] from your iPhone into the space provided. To copy the character, press your finger on the screen within the brackets and hold for a few seconds to choose it.

Next, using the two cursors that appear to define the selection, drag the cursors to the desired location; finally, select the Copy option from the menu that displays.

You may copy the text into the iOS clipboard by visiting this page and tapping the invisible character underneath the blank braille header.

Now, open WhatsApp on your iPhone by tapping the corresponding icon on the home screen and in the app library.

Then, head to the Chat tab, and either tap the conversation with the contact to whom you want to send the blank message or start a new conversation by tapping the paper and pencil button on the top right and selecting the user of interest.

The chat screen should now be visible. At this point, you may paste the invisible character you copied to your iOS clipboard.

Now, you can enter It into the text input area at the bottom by holding down the field and choosing the Paste option from the contextual menu. Tap the paper aircraft icon on the right to send the blank message.


Many of us try to send a blank message to others but fail. However, many ways will help you send blank messages to others using an iPhone.

The methods mentioned above in this article will help you send iPhone blank text messages to others. I hope this iPhone guide to sending a blank message was of help to you. Here, I conclude my iPhone Blank Text Messages article. For more information, you can stay tuned!

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