iPhone Calculator History. It’s Not What You Think

I use the iPhone calculator a lot. I’m just one of those guys. I use it to calculate my tips, in my day to day business to calculate expenses and other things. It is one of the most underrated but mostly used app that comes native with your iPhone.

However even I, a seasoned iPhone user didn’t know until recently that there is a thing called iPhone calculator history. Yeah! The calculator on your phone will save history so you can go back if you need to see the previous calculations you made, but it’s not exactly what you think.

This was both shocking to me and not surprising, I mean, yeah it makes sense that it will do that, but I obviously didn’t know how to do it or that it existed until very recently.

If you’re like me, this guide is for you. I will teach you how to see the iPhone calculator history, and a few more tricks to make it even better. Let’s go!

How to see calculator history on iPhone

So while I was very surprised you can see history on the calculator app, it’s not exactly what you think it is. If you think you can just someone go back and see all the calculations you just did, you are going to be disappointed.

However, if you just want to see the last calculation, and the result, you actually can! Here’s how

  1. Browse on your iPhone to the screen where the calculator app is on
  2. Tap and hold the calculator icon to display the app options
  3. Tap copy last result
iphone calculator history

Now your last calculated result using the app is copied and you can just paste it anywhere you want and this way you can see the history of your calculations sort off. It’s basically just showing the last result, and it’s only the result, not the calculations themselves.

Another way of doing this is by swiping down on your screen from the right side to show the control panel. If you recently used the calculator app you will see the icon of the app displayed, and you can just tap and hold on that icon and it will give you the option to copy and paste your last result. Easy right?

iphone calculator history

Important note
Please note like we mentioned before, there is no way to see a history of the calculations on the calculator app, you can only see and copy the last result you made with the app

This is confirmed by a recommended reply on the apple discussion board, as you can see below:

iphone calculator history

What is the iPhone calculator history

The iPhone history option in the calculator app lets users copy and paste the last calculation result they made with the calculation app. It is a great little feature that helps when you need to save the last result and use it across a different app.

It does NOT however let you watch a detailed history of your last calculations like the name implies, so take that with a grain of salt.

Bonus 5 mostly unknown iPhone calculator features

In this short bonus section, we want to give you a few cool tricks and tips on using the calculator app that not many people know, these little features will help you almost on a daily basis. Here we go.

  • Swipe to delete
    If you didn’t know already, when using the calculator app, if you pressed a number by mistake, you don’t have to tap clear and erase everything you did like I used to do.

    You can simply swipe the numbers field and it will ONLY delete the last number you entered, but keeping the rest. Pretty cool right?

  • Turn your calculator to a scientific one
    This one might be more familiar, but here we go. If you rotate your phone to landscape mode while using the calculator, it turns into a scientific calculator with all the advanced features.

  • Copy and paste
    Yes, just like the article indicated above, you can copy and paste straight from your numbers field to copy the numbers shown. All you need to do is just tap and hold on the field, and the numbers will be copied to the clipboard.

  • Spotlight search calculations
    You can actually calculate what you need using the search spotlight on your iPhone.

    Just swipe down from any screen on your iPhone, and enter the calculation you want in the search bar, it will show you the result instantly.

  • Calculate tip using your apple watch
    I never knew this before I wrote this article. You can actually use your apple watch to calculate tips, this will only work on your watch, not your iPhone.

    Just open the calculator app on your watch, and enter the bill amount, now tap the TIP button, and it will show you how much you need to leave based on the percentage you want.

    You can use the side button to scroll up or down to change the amount. You can also choose 1 or more people to see how much each person needs to pay. So cool!
iphone calculator history

I hope this quick guide helped you understand better than iPhone calculator and its features. If you enjoyed this article, consider reading more of our guides.

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