How To Reply From The Lock Screen On Iphone 7 – Tips, Tricks, And Hacks

How To Reply From The Lock Screen On Iphone 7

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you needed to reply to a text quickly but didn’t want to unlock your phone, then you’ll be happy to know there’s a way to do it from the lock screen. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to reply from the lock screen on iPhone 7. Keep reading for more tips and tricks!

In this fast-paced world, we want everything to be quick – faster mobiles, more accessible calls, games, and so much more. Of course, this includes faster messaging. What if you could reply from the lock screen? How can you be saved from the trouble of going to the app and responding to your iMessage or WhatsApp message?

Replying from the lock screen will save you time and help you respond instantly. If you’re busy with some work, it’ll also help keep distraction from any other app at bay – Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit, nothing will keep you from working!

In the following sections, get a thorough understanding of everything you can do with your iPhone 7 lock screen, from replying to other tips and tricks. 

What Functions Can I Use on the iPhone 7 Lock Screen To Reply?

You’ll be surprised at the number of things you can do on your lock screen. It is a treasure trove of endless possibilities, from automatic wake-up to using music controls.

Here’s everything you can do on your iPhone 7 lock screen:

Wake the iPhone

Any model after iPhone 6S/SE can recognize when the phone has been picked up. It automatically recognizes the movement and wakes the display. However, if you find this feature bothersome, it can be disabled through Settings – Display & Brightness; change the toggle from Raise to Wake. 

Call or Message Someone

From the lock screen, you can also call and message anyone. For calling, wake Siri up and ask the assistant to call from your contact book. You can also send messages in the same way. Simply wake the assistant, name the person, and dictate the message. 

Use Siri

You can operate Siri’s functionalities on the lock screen, like creating schedules on the calendar, setting reminders and alarms, or sending messages. You can also view the top search results after you enter the search term on the locked screen. However, the iPhone needs to be unlocked to access those results. 

To disallow this function, go to Settings – Siri & Search, and toggle off the Allow Siri When Locked. 

Use the Flashlight

To allow flashlight function on the lock screen, enable the feature on the control center. It’ll save you from the hassle of unlocking and accessing during emergencies. To remove the function go to Settings- Control Center – Customize Control and click on the red icon against the widget. 

How To Reply From The Lock Screen On Iphone 7

How to Reply on iMessage From the Lock Screen?

If you’ve received a message on iMessage, you can reply to it on the lock screen instead of opening the app. There are two ways of doing it – through 3D touch or the swipe gesture. 

3D Touch

When you receive a new message:

  • Force press the notification (3D touch).
  • Your keyboard will pull up, and you can type your message. 
  • Press send. 

Swipe Gesture

After you get the message on the lock screen:

  • Swipe left on the notification banner.
  • Two options will appear – View and Clear. 
  • Tap View, and the keyboard will appear. 
  • Type the message and hit send. 

How to Reply on WhatsApp on the Lock Screen?

WhatsApp is an ever-popular messaging app you can find on almost anyone’s phone. If you, too, are one of its users and want to reply to messages on the lock screen, then here’s how you do it:

  • Either long press, tap, or swipe left on the notification banner. 
  • The keyboard will appear, and you can type out your message.
  • Tap send. 

Why Can’t I Reply From the Lock Screen?

If you cannot reply from the lock screen even after following the steps mentioned above, you must’ve accidentally disabled the feature. Fortunately for you, enabling it back is relatively easy! 

Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, enable the 3D touch. To do so, go to the iPhone’s Settings – General – Accessibility. 
  • Select the toggle option and turn it on. 
  • Next, hold the sound and side buttons together for three seconds – the Apple logo will show up, and the message will be instantly delivered. 
  • You can now start usually replying from the lock screen.

If you still can’t reply or cannot find the notifications, check your iPhone’s settings. Make sure that Do Not Disturb is turned off and the mobile data/wifi is on. 

How To Reply From The Lock Screen On Iphone 7

Other Lock Screen Tips and Tricks

There are so many more hidden tricks that the lock screen holds. Here are a few of them:

Home Button

The pressure on your fingers was back with the discontinuation of the Slide to Unlock feature of iOS 10. But a neat little trick will bring back the old home button feel. 

Go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Home Button. Under this, you’ll find the option Rest Finger to Open – toggle it green. Now you won’t have to apply too much pressure on the button, and it’ll right up with a slight touch. 

Take a Picture

The best accessible feature of the lock screen is the camera. Simply swipe left and capture all the fleeting moments into memory. 

Change Intensity of Flash

Do you want to blind everyone in the dark? Change the flash settings on the home screen itself! Swipe up from the bottom to bring up the control center and click the flash icon to turn it on. Next, 3D Touch the icon and select the intensity level. 

Clear The Notifications

The most annoying part of earlier iOS versions was the lack of a button to clear all notifications. It was a tedious job that required swiping on each notification. All you need to do is swipe down from the top and click on the ‘X’ in the corner. 

How To Reply From The Lock Screen On Iphone 7

How Do I Turn Off Reply On Lock Screen iPhone?

If your iPhone 7 is constantly bombarded with notifications that you would instead reply to later, then you’re not alone. In addition, people frequently complain about the lack of privacy as the messages can be accessed and answered by anyone. 

You can disable the feature by going to Settings – Notifications – Messages. It’ll stop the lock screen from displaying any messages and keep your privacy intact. 


Dealing with the lock screen messages is much easier than you imagined! Swipe right, tap, or 3D Touch the notification to pull up the keyboard. Type in your message and hit send – that’s it. However, the lock screen is not limited to only replying to the messages. You can call, use the assistant, take pictures, and much more! 

Hopefully, you enjoyed learning to reply to the iPhone 7 lock screen messages. Stay tuned to read more exciting articles.


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