How To Send Voice Message From iPhone To Android

I’m an iPhone user, been so for most of my life, I only had a short period of time where I used and Android phone, and one thing that always looked weird to me, is that Android phones can send voice messages to iPhones, but not the other way around.

This article will help you know how to send a voice message from iPhone to different android mobile phones.

Why iMessage can’t send voice messages to Android

The simple reason is that apple devices use apps and features that are sometimes meant to be used with other apple devices. So some features will not work with other devices such as Android.

The same goes for Android devices, this is not just an apple thing, Android too have some features that will not work with non Android phones, so don’t go blame apple just yet.

How To Send Voice Message From iPhone To Android?

The simple solution is to use the voice memo app to record a voice memo and then just send it as a message. It’s annoying sometimes, but that’s the only way this works. Here’s how to do it:

How To Send Voice Message From iPhone To Android
How To Send Voice Message From iPhone To Android
  1. Lunch the Voice Memo app on your iPhone
  2. Record a new memo or message
  3. Make sure you save it
  4. Tap on the message your just recorded and saved
  5. Tap the share icon – which is the little square with up arrow
  6. Tap the message icon
  7. Enter the address of the message
  8. Send it

Is sending voice messages from iPhone to iPhone easier?

YES, obviously, sending voice or audio messages from iPhone to iPhone is very simple, because the iMessage works well on both devices. Here’s how to send it:

  • Lunch the iMessage app
  • Browse to a current chat thread
  • Tap the record icon on the right side and hold it
  • While holding it, record your message
  • After you can tap the play button to listen to your message
  • Tap the send icon to send it

NOTE – iPhone deletes voice messages you received automatically after two minutes unless you tap the small keep icon below each voice message bubble. If you want to have the iPhone to NOT delete it, you need to change it in the settings. You can read our guide about it here

Frequently Asked Questions about Voice Message from iPhone to Android

Below are some popular questions people asked about sending voice message from iPhone to Android

Why my iPhone can’t send audio messages to Android

iPhone devices use a messaging app called iMessage while Android devices uses a different messages app. So while Android users can send voice messages to iPhone users, iPhone users can’t send voice messages because it’s a different app

Why do voice messages gets deleted after two minutes

It’s a privacy and storage concern with apple devices, part of the company vision and goal to keeping their users safe and sensitive information private, they decided to auto delete voice messages after two minutes. You can change this settings in the settings app if you like to keep voice messages.

Can Android devices send me a voice message

YES, While iPhone users can’t send voice messages to Android devices, the opposite can, meaning Android users can send voice messages to iPhone users without any issues.

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