What Does The E Mean In Apple Music? It Means Explicit Content

What does the letter E means on apple music? It means that the song contains explicit content and you need to be aware before you play the song. In some cases the app will refuse to play the song until you change your settings.

In a longer but yet simple words, the E means Explicit Content. This means you see a red letter E next to the song name, and depending on your settings, the app may not play Explicit songs until you change your settings.

what does the e mean in apple music

If you wish to exclude songs with explicit lyrics from your app, you can change your settings under the Account tab.

What Does The E Mean In Apple Music – Explicit Content explained

While apple music is probably the most popular music player app in the world, with a catalogue of over 60 million songs and growing each day, with its size also comes great responsibility, and that comes in the form of warning users about songs that contain bad language – these songs are marked with the red letter E next to them.

When you try and play a song marked with E, the app will popup a warning message and might stop you from playing it.

So how do you play music marked with E on apple music

When the popup warning message comes up, you might decide that you still want to listen to the song, you can do that by changing your restrictions settings inside the apple music settings. Here’s how to do it:

  • Below the warning message you should see a text saying ” Restrictions ” – Click that
  • Now click on Content Restrictions
  • Enter your screen passcode when asked
  • Locate Allowed Store Content
  • Click on Music, Podcasts and News
  • Set to Clean or Explicit – Clean means you won’t be able to play songs with Explicit content and Explicit means you will.
what does the e mean in apple music

PRO TIP – You can also access these settings by going to Apple Music , then clicking Settings, then Screen Time, then Content Restrictions.

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