What Does the Thermometer Snowflake Mean | Weather App Icons Explained

Most iPhone users use the weather app pretty much daily. And surprisingly a lot of people don’t know what does the thermometer snowflake mean on the app, so we are going to explain what it means plus give you all the icons and their meanings for your convenience.

The thermometer snowflake icon meaning is that there is freezing temperatures outside. Our frigid cold. When you see this icon it means temperatures will usually drop below zero and into the freezing cold zone.

what does the thermometer snowflake mean

Now that we know what this specific icon means, let’s see what the other weather app icons mean.

What Does the Thermometer Snowflake Mean – Weather App Icons Explained

Below is an infographic showing all the weather app icons and their meaning, and below that you can find a more detailed explanation if you need it

what does the thermometer snowflake mean - all icons

All the iPhone weather app icons in a table

Blowing Snow
Clear ( no sun )
Cloudy ( No Sun )
Heavy Snow and Fleet
Scattered Snow
Heavy Rain
Thunder Storms
Partly Cloudy

Just a thought about the iPhone weather app

Honestly, the weather app on iPhone is possibly the best app in the world. The amount of information it gives you with just a glimpse is amazing! You don’t really need to look past 1 second on the app to figure out the weather for the entire week.

Sure, you can dive deeper into the data if you want to. But the app experience is SO good you only need to look at it once and for a second.

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