Where is the Mic on a MacBook Air. Illustrated Guide

As more and more people work remotely, the laptop is becoming the most important work tool you have. And as a MacBook owner having to do zoom meeting and conference calls all day, you need to know where is the mic on a macBook air or other MacBook models so you can make the most of your working tool.

This quick guide will show you where is the mic on a MacBook air and also provide illustrations on all the laptop features with all models being considered. Let’s get into it.

Where is the Mic on a MacBook Air

The microphone on a MacBook Air is located on the left side at the bottom part of the speaker grill. This is from models dated 2018 or newer. On older models the location could be slightly different so let’s go over the models below.

2017 Models or older2018 Models or newer
Left side with a label and physical cueLeft side inside the speaker grill, no label or physical cue

2018 or newer MacBook Air microphone location

where is the mic on a macbook air

As you can see the microphone on the newer models of the MacBook Air is located inside the speaker grill and you can’t really see it anymore and there is no label either.

2017 or older MacBook Air microphone location

where is the mic on a macbook air
On models from 2017 or older, the microphone is labeled

Since its inception back in 2009, the design of the MacBook Air hasen’t really changed much until 2018. So the 2017 model still looks the same from way back in the Steve Jobs days.

The microphone on these designs is located on the left side, similar to where it is on newer models, however, it is labeled and further to the side, and there is no speaker grill like in the newer models.

MacBook Air designs from 2009 to now

Here are the MacBook Air designs over the years, while the mic location didn’t change until the 2018 design, the MacBook Air design as a whole did change, and here are the different looks over the years.

where is the mic on a macbook air
where is the mic on a macbook air

Where is the mic on MacBook Pro

If you wonder if the microphone location on MacBook Air is different from MacBook Pro, it actually is, and you can read all about it on our guide for MacBook Pro microphone placement.

Here’s a reference diagram of the MacBook Air model with its main features

Here’s a quick reference illustration to help you figure out where is the mic located on your MacBook Air

where is the mic on a macbook air
Based on apple diagram


Now you know where is the mic on MacBook Air models and you can easily open this guide back if you need to show it to someone else or just remember yourself. We hope you gained value from this article and learned something new.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MacBook Air Microphone

How many microphones are there in a MacBook Air

There is only one mic inside MacBook air. The company tried to give the air model a very sleek and slim design, so it was important NOT to insert too many things inside to keep it that way.

Why is my Mac mic not working

The most common reasons your microphone is not working on your Mac device is that the volume bar is set to too low, or the microphone has not been properly set up. To check if it’s setup correctly go to System Preference > Sound Tab and make sure it is set up

How to test that my mic is working

To test that your Mac microphone is working and picking up sounds, go to System Preference on your Mac, then click Sounds, and choose the Input tab, you will see a sound bar at the bottom and if its picking up sounds and working you will see it move.

If I put a case over my MacBook air will the mic work

If you use a hard case on your MacBook air that covers the location of the mic, it might cause the mic to pick up less of your sound, or even not pick up at all. If you suffer from low quality sound during calls, try removing your case and see if it helps. Or simply try and get a case that doesn’t cover that part of the mac.

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