Why does my Phone Randomly Vibrate?

Why does my Phone Randomly Vibrate

Are you experiencing your phone randomly vibrate out of nowhere? There may be a lot of reasons why this happens. The leading causes are some underlying settings we users don’t bother to look at. This guide will help you know the reasons and solutions to why your phone randomly vibrates.

You’re undoubtedly dealing with this issue right now. It’s annoying when your phone vibrates without apparent reason, even if you haven’t taken action or received any notifications.

People worldwide have complained that their phones unexpectedly start vibrating for no apparent reason. There have been instances where consumers have assumed their phone’s vibrations occur at entirely unpredictable intervals. That is terrifying!

It’s true. Anyway, if you’re experiencing this issue—why does my phone sporadically vibrate, or why is my phone vibrating for no reason?—keep reading to learn more about it and how to solve it.

What are the Reasons my Phone Vibrates Randomly

Reason #1: Software Glitch

Every once in a while, a phone will start vibrating for no apparent reason. It suggests that you can resolve the issue by installing the latest software version and restarting the device.

Reason #2: System Update

Your Android device may have developed a bug after updating its software. Simply restarting your phone should fix the problem.

Reason #3: Unnecessary App Notifications

There are numerous potential causes of “why a phone vibrates randomly for no reason,” but one of the most common is that you have disabled app notifications.

The phone will still vibrate even if the user has turned off the display of notifications, such as when using a message or social media app. If you were wondering why your phone was sporadically vibrating, now you know.

Reason #4: Bug Issues in System

Android problems and malfunctions are common causes of random vibrations. It means that, like any other piece of software, an Android operating system is susceptible to unexpected flaws and mistakes.

These systemic flaws could result from various problems, such as unexplained phone vibrations.

Reason #5: Unsent Messages

If you suddenly start getting odd vibrations, it could be because someone sent you a message but subsequently erased it. In doing so, we feel a random vibration, but the notification bar remains hidden.

Reason #6: Background Apps

It’s not uncommon for consumers to install an app that stays active in the background, eating up memory and processing power and occasionally vibrating the device at inopportune times.

Why is My Phone Randomly Vibrating [iPhone]

Solution #1: Check your Notification Settings

Phone Randomly Vibrate
  • Step #1: Go to the Settings App
  • Step #2: Click the “Notifications” option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step #3: A rundown of the programs that might have important updates for you is displayed here. If you suspect a specific app is to blame, you can open its settings by tapping on it.
  • Step #4: Go to the app’s settings and tap the Allow Notifications switch to disable alerts.
  • Step #5: Be sure to examine your instant messaging and email programs, as they are frequent offenders in this regard.

If you don’t want to disable notifications entirely, it’s a good idea to check in on your app’s settings and note the notifications you’ve authorized. If you turn off some alerts, your phone may vibrate even if you can’t see any notifications on the screen, such as a banner or the lock screen.

Solution #2: Try Reboot

Phone Randomly Vibrate

One of the best solutions to eliminate unwanted notifications is to try rebooting your iPhone. Turning your device off and on is a recommended first step when debugging an issue, even if it seems like a simple solution.

Important Note
If you don’t know how to reboot your iPhone, I suggest you watch a tutorial first.

Solution #3: Disable the Mail Notifications

The iPhone’s built-in Mail app will jingle whenever you get new messages. You can modify this by modifying the email alerts.

Method #1:

Phone Randomly Vibrate
  • Step #1: Open Settings
  • Step #2: Scroll down to Sounds
  • Step #3: Select New Mail
  • Step #4: Choose Vibration Option
  • Step #5: Choose None Option

Method #2:

  • Step #1: Navigate to Preferences > Notification Center
  • Step #2: Select Mail
  • Step #3: Enter your email address
  • Step #4: Select Alerts
  • Step #5: Verify that Vibration is not enabled

Solution #4: Buy a New Original Charging Cable

When you plug your iPhone into a power outlet, does it merely make a vibration sound? There’s probably a problem with the power cord. If you think a faulty power cord is at blame, try swapping it out.

Solution #5: Update your Applications

Phone Randomly Vibrate

Be sure that all of your apps are up-to-date since this could solve the problem if it is a bug in one of them causing the erratic vibrations. If you feel this issue started after installing a new app, consider deleting it to see if it resolves the problem.

Solution #6: Update your Software

Not updating iOS can cause several problems. This issue is just one of several that they can bring about. You have likely been receiving alerts to update your operating system if you are still on an older version.

Phone Randomly Vibrate
  • Step #1: Select General in the Settings menu.
  • Step #2: Upgrade your software by selecting “Software Update”
  • Step #3: To begin the installation process, please select the ‘Install now button

Solution #7: Try Resetting All Settings

Phone Randomly Vibrate

There’s a chance that you messed with the audio settings and broke the thing. As long as you keep track of the specific settings you altered, you can easily reset them to their original values at any time.

It’s possible to clear your settings to factory defaults if you’ve forgotten them. You would reset your preferences to their original factory settings.

NOTE: It’s important to remember that doing so will wipe your saved WiFi passwords, Bluetooth pairings, and VPN preferences.

Solution #8: Factory Reset

A factory reset will be required if the iPhone randomly vibrates due to a software fault. A factory reset may assist, but it will also delete all of your information. Make sure you have a backup of your files just in case.

Phone Randomly Vibrate
  • Step #1: Open your iPhone Settings
  • Step #2: Choose General
  • Step #3: Click on Reset
  • Step #4: Tap on “Erase All Content and Settings”
  • Step #5: Enter your Passwords and Continue

Solution #9: Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone

If your iPhone still sporadically vibrates, you may need to put it into recovery mode. A recovery restoration will be more extensive than a standard factory reset. Your iPhone’s erratic vibrating will stop regardless of how difficult the underlying software issue is.

If you don’t have a backup, you’ll lose access to all your photos and movies. To avoid catastrophic failure, keep the gadget connected at all times.

Solution #10: Utilize Recovery Software for iPhone

Getting back on track after an addiction might be a scary prospect. After all, you might get caught in an endless cycle of restarting. Fortunately, there are software options other than booting into recovery mode.

While they do make life easier, they do come at a price. Paying’s worth it, though, because they can diagnose and fix any software issues that could be to blame for the issue.

Solution #11: Contact Apple Support

We hope that one of our solutions has helped you resolve this annoying problem, but if not, there are other options available. However, they are more drastic and risky than a factory reset.

If you’re still having trouble getting your iPhone to stop vibrating at odd times, you should undoubtedly contact Apple Support. You can contact an Apple representative through the official support site via phone, live chat, or email to get advice on what to do next.


Q1. Why does iPhone sound for no reason randomly?

A: Randomly occurring tremors are a common symptom of blind alarms. In light of this, the haptic feedback should cease whenever the iPhone is powered down. What to do: Setting > Sounds & Haptics > Vibrate on Silent > Off. After that, flip your iPhone’s Ringer switch to the Silent position.

Q2. Why does your phone vibrate?

A: The explanation is simple the motion gets generated by a tiny motor connected to an offset weight. When your phone rings, the motor starts spinning the weight, vibrating.

Q3. What should I know about my phone’s vibration motor?

A: You can achieve the phone’s vibrating functionality with a DC brush motor, which is also responsible for the motor’s vibration functionality. The motor starts driving a high-speed rotating eccentric when you receive a text message or a phone call, resulting in vibration.

Q4. Why does my phone vibrate as soon as I pick it up?

A: You can activate Smart Alert by going to the Settings menu, Advanced Features, Motions & Gestures, and Smart Alert.

We recommend disabling this immediately. When you pick up your phone after missing a call or receiving a message, this feature causes it to vibrate to alert you to the missed contact or new message.

Q5. Why is my Oppo phone vibrating?

A: There’s something wrong with the software or the vibration motor’s grounding. Create a backup of your data, and then try a reset to factory settings. If it doesn’t solve the problem, the hardware may be faulty, and you should request an RMA.

Q6. When a ring vibrates, what does that mean?

A: You may still set your Galaxy phone to vibrate whenever it rings. The phone will vibrate in addition to playing a sound when it rings. To activate this function, please do as follows: Access the device’s configuration menu.

Feel free to pick and mix from the various noises and rumbles available.

Q7. My phone randomly started vibrating; why is that?

A: If you have an Android device that keeps sporadically vibrating, it may be time to examine the settings for each app. Nova Launcher lets you see which of your apps has delivered the most recent notice. The next step is to turn on Safe Mode and update your apps and Android.

Q8. My iPhone just randomly vibrates without any notifications. What is the reason?

A: Unseen alerts cause most unexpected tremors. Turning off the iPhone’s volume should also disable the haptic feedback. How to: To turn off Vibrate when silent, go to Settings -> Sounds & Haptics. Activate Silent mode by toggling the Ring/Silent switch on your iPhone.

Q9. Why does Samsung Smartphone Keep vibrating for no reason?

A: A Samsung phone’s continual vibration or ringing is likely the result of water damage. Though not the only option, this seems to be the most likely one. Water damage to the circuitry can result in various issues, including persistent trembling.


Many people experience a time when their phone randomly starts to vibrate. It can be infuriating. However, there can be many causes of this happening. Many reasons may cause your phone to vibrate and ultimately make you angry.

This article contains all the reasons and solutions that will help you eliminate random vibrations on a phone, Android, iPhone, or any other brand.

Here, I conclude my article. I hope this article was of help to you. For more informative articles, stay tuned!

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