52 Military Wallpaper iPhone Designs

This gallery of military wallpapers for iPhone was created to fill the gap in the wallpaper category where people are looking for military style photos and illustrations to put on their phones.

With more than 2 million military retirees, it’s not wonder the demand is high.

Browse through the list below and pick your favorite one to save and set as wallpaper. If you don’t know how to set a wallpaper on iPhone, here’s how to do it.

  • Go inside your Settings app and tap Wallpaper.
  • Tap Add new wallpaper
  • Tap photos and choose a picture from your saved photos.

Table of Contents

Military wallpaper iPhone list

1. A powerful military wallpaper for iPhone

military wallpaper iphone

2. Explosions and fire all around

3. About to jump out

4. Sliding down

military wallpaper iphone

5. Thank you for your service

6. US Army wallpaper with the American Flag


military wallpaper iphone

8. Jumping out of the plane – great shot

9. Let freedom Reign wallpaper

10. Watching the surroundings

11. Another snap of the famous picture

military wallpaper iphone

12. American Victory – by  Joe Rosenthal during WW2

13. Marching into battle

military wallpaper iphone

14. Cool wallpaper of all the words that make up a solider

16. Home of the brave

17. Proud

military wallpaper iphone

18. Getting ready for pickup

19. US Army – a simple military wallpaper for iPhone

20. Amazing shot!

military wallpaper iphone

21. K9 – man’s best friend and partner

22. Catching some altitude

23. Honor the brave

military wallpaper iphone

24. Never forget

25. Moaon AABE

26. K9 unit. Part of the team

military wallpaper iphone

27. Bombers leading the charge

28. Nice and organized on the wall

29. Camouflage military wallpaper iPhone

military wallpaper iphone

30. Nice formation

31. Different type of weapons

32. Nice mountains with fighter jets

military wallpaper iphone

33. Let’s get some!

34. Navy Corpsman

36. What ever it takes

37. A bomber with one wing blown off

military wallpaper iphone

38. I love you and appreciate you wallpaper

39. Give it up for the soldiers

40. Very nice uniform

military wallpaper iphone

41. Get after it – Hustle

42. Moonlight cover

43. Army – Blood. Sweat. Tears

military wallpaper iphone

44. No Excuses iPhone military wallpaper

45. Beautiful

46. No one gets left behind

military wallpaper iphone

47. Did he pack enough gear? Soldier can invade a country by himself with all that

48. Getting the ranks. A proud moment for every soldier

49. Communications division

military wallpaper iphone

50. Not sure if this is the X-Men Sci Fi jet or is this a real plane

51. A nice one of a group of soldiers

52. A female soldier with her weapon wallpaper

military wallpaper iphone

If you enjoyed these iPhone wallpapers with military style, stay tuned for more.

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