About IOS Savvy

IOS Savvy is the number one source for everything related to Apple products, and anything that is running an iOs operating system. If you have a device running iOs and have a question or issue, we have the solution for you.

Our Mission

When we started this website we knew we had years of experience both in blogging and as apple users and we decided it was a good idea to combine the two into a one stop shop for all apple fans out there.

We gathered a few experts in the field, and by experts we don’t mean ex apple employees or so-called gurus. We mean hardcore real users that live and breathe apple products and that know by heart how to do pretty much anything there is with the devices. from:

  • Apple Watch
  • iPhone
  • Macbooks
  • iPads

and more, we got your covered!

About Alony Media

Alony Media is one of the fastest growing digital media publishers in America with brands reaching millions of happy people every month. From tech to food our audience enjoys helpful content that meets them right when they need it.

Alony Media POSITIVE Only content policy

The company has formed a POSITIVE only rule where we only publish content that will help, entertain in a positive way or provide some value to our readers and we stand by that decision since the first article was published on the first brand.

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