IOS Savvy Team

Adam Wishmore
Editor in Chief
Adam Wishmore is an apple geek, there is no other way of putting it. Since the first generation iPhone hit the market to the latest Macbook pro, Adam knows everything there is and how to fix everything on apple devices. After years of learning and first hand experience with their products, the idea for this website was born, Adam is putting his years of experience working and playing with iOs devices to good use and helping others learn about it as well.
Alice Bahn
Senior Writer
Alice has joined the team after years as an avid apple fan and user, from macs, iPhones to the watch and airpods you know she has and used all the devices and became an expert in the field. As she matured as a writer she decided to start writing helpful guides to help other users with their apple related issues. When she joined iOs Savvy we knew it's going to be a great success and we are thrilled to share her journey.