AirPods Connect When Case is Closed? 5 Reasons Why And The Solution

Are your AirPods connecting to the devices and playing music even inside the case? Many Apple users have reported this issue. And there are multiple reasons why you may face this error.

So why do AirPods connect when case is closed? The problem might be that the case is not completely closed, or the software is not detecting that it’s shut. The dirt inside the case or software issues can cause the AirPods to connect even inside the case.

Before you go about fixing this issue, you need to understand the problem in greater detail. Learn five reasons behind this problem and how to tackle each one of them.

Why do AirPods connect when case is closed?

It can get quite frustrating when AirPods connect to your Macbook or iPhone after putting them back inside the case. AirPods are designed to stop working (not shut down) immediately after they’re in the case.

When this happens, you’ll face difficulties playing music on external speakers. Also, the AirPods battery will deplete faster.

There are five main reasons AirPods connect to devices when inside the case.

  1. The case is open – AirPods will stop working as soon as you close the case. If they stay open, AirPods will keep playing audio. Some users keep the lid open mistakenly, which results in this error. You need to ensure that the lid is closed properly.
  2. The case is damaged or dirty – If the case is damaged, it will inhibit the earbud’s ability to know whether the case is closed or open. Minor cracks near the lid may not allow the case to close properly. Grime inside the case can also interfere with the closure.
  3. Outdated software – AirPods are managed entirely by software. They don’t have on/off buttons or controls. The software has in-ear detection and case detection to know when to work and when not to. If this software becomes obsolete, AirPods may malfunction.
  4. Bluetooth is active on the device  – If the device’s Bluetooth is not turned off while the AirPods are in the case, it may reconnect to the earbuds. This is usually a secondary reason. 
  5. Charging is complete at 100% – When the charge is at 100%, it may cause the AirPods to disconnect from the case. So they’ll scan and try to connect to any available Bluetooth device. While this is rare, and AirPods are supposed to keep charging themselves, it may randomly happen.

Before you try to fix the issue, it’s better to confirm the root cause. Did you keep the case open? Is it broken? Is the charge full at 100%? Find out the exact cause and then try to fix it.

AirPods Connect When Case is Closed

How to fix the AirPods connecting inside the case issue?

There are more than one ways to solve the problem. But it depends on the exact cause. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Try closing the case

Start with the easiest solution to this problem. If you haven’t closed the case properly, try closing it again. You should also check if the case or the lid is broken. If that’s the case, you may have to replace it altogether. 

Opening and closing the case solves this problem for most users.

  • Clean the case and charging port

Over time, dust may accumulate inside your case. If present in a considerable amount, the AirPods case may not close properly. Pet hair and other tiny items may also act as obstructions.

Cleaning the case will fix the issue. Use a lint-free cloth and dampen it with isopropyl alcohol. Then, wipe the case gently and let it try. You should also clean the charging port using a soft-bristled brush.

  • Turn Bluetooth off

If you’re outside traveling or in a meeting, consider turning off the device’s Bluetooth. It’d force the AirPods to disconnect and stop playing audio. Unless you’ve paired them with other devices in the room, the problem should get resolved — at least temporarily.

  • Reset Network Settings

Try resetting the network settings on your device. It fixes most of the issues related to connectivity. 

When you reset the network settings, all customization is wiped out and restored. You’ll get to know if the problem originates from the customization when the issue gets resolved.

  • Restart your device

The simple act of restarting the device does wonders and solves many complex technical issues

If you’re facing the problem now and then, consider restarting the device. It’d refresh the connections and flush the temporary files. You’ll also experience a faster, smoother connection post the restart.

  • Update Firmware

AirPods are controlled by software and sensors. Firmware is the software that provides low-level control to the hardware. If the firmware is outdated, there’s a high chance that the device will not function properly. 

So if you haven’t updated the AirPods firmware in recent time, consider updating it.

You can find the update option in Settings > General > About > AirPods. If there’s a new firmware version, upgrade to it.

AirPods Connect When Case is Closed
  • Unpair the AirPods and Reconnect

The final solution you can try is to unpair the AirPods from the device and reconnect it. All existing records and information regarding the AirPods are removed from the device when you do so. At times, this existing data may trigger the problem.

Next time when you reconnect, the device will treat the AirPods as a new addition. And it may fix the issue as well.

To unpair the AirPods, go to Settings > Bluetooth > Devices. Click on the ‘i’ option next to the AirPods and click on ‘Forget Device.’ 

Afterward, pair the AirPods again and see if the issue is resolved.

If the problem persists even after you’ve gone through the above solutions, contact the Apple support team. They would inspect and find out the root cause.


The issue of AirPods connecting when the case is closed might be irritating, but it’s easy to fix. Case not closing correctly is the main reason followed by software issues. Take necessary measures as described above to resolve the connectivity problem.

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