50 Android vs iPhone Memes to End the Debate

Maybe the most popular memes online are the iPhone vs Android memes and we have a huge list of them below.

It’s an old debate, some belong to the apple crowd while others live by Android and other phones. If you’re an apple fan, you know what i’m talking about. If you love apple devices and the iPhone you will not buy a different device.

What’s the difference between the two devices really? The main differences are:

  • apple iPhone is a closed garden, you can’t download or install apps unless you get them from the app store.
  • Android is an open smartphone. You can install whatever you want

Now while all this is great and dandy, we are here to laugh, so below is a list of the iPhone vs Android memes you came here for.

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iPhone vs Android memes list

1. iPhone vs Android is like the Ford vs Chevy of older generations

2. Nexus or iPhone 6?

Android vs iPhone memes

3. For me it’s the other way around

4. Tech nerd burn

5. Don’t make fun at Coolio.

6. LOL, hilarious Android vs iPhone meme

7. Why Tim why?

Android vs iPhone memes

8. Tracking ads on apple devices is like

9. Tim eyeing my wallet

10. Ohh yeah, give me those wings

11. Opening the fridge at night to get a snack be like

12. Sorry you can’t unsee it now.

13. Yeah, seems like a thing Joey will happily wear

Android vs iPhone memes

14. Teletubbies inspiration

15. I better be able to hear god for that price tag

16. Automatically mutes poor people

17. My aesthetic is very important to me

18. We are broke only financially

19. Apple showing off the new iMac

Android vs iPhone memes

20. Literally any other Mac

21. When a new iPhone comes out with no USB, no SD card and no HDMI

22. Android users get upset easily

23. Samsung is like an iPhone only cheaper

24. Android users really happy for iPhone users

Let’s continue with some hilarious memes related to the camera differences between iPhones and Android. People who use iPhone say their camera is the best on the market while obviously Android users say Android is the best. What team are you on?

25. People stop, Android cameras are just bad.

Android vs iPhone memes

26. apple vs Android portrait with Kanye and Jay Z

27. Android quality vs iPhone quality. There’s really no comparison

28. Snapchat released a filter that let’s you feel like you have an Android

29. The apple juice is just better, drink the cool aid

30. It’s all about the Androids. Don’t get left behind

31. Because Android is garbage, that’s why it’s funny

Android vs iPhone memes

32. YUP, this is how an Android selfie looks like

33. Yeah, because Android cameras are so bad

34. This seems legit. Everybody is copying from everyone.

35. iPhones are a culture. Even with this list which is not wrong

36. iOS evolution looking pretty much the same

37. I think iPhone camera is better than Android to be honest

Android vs iPhone memes

38. iPhone camera is so good you see different people in the picture

39. I love this comparison. Using Kanye is always a good idea

40. More than meets the eye with each device

41. iPhone battery is so weak it dies before…you know. From the movie Lion King

Android vs iPhone memes

42. When we designed iOS 7 we asked ourselves a simple question: How do we make this more like Android LOL

43. Civil War about the debate which smartphone is better

44. iPhone users not thinking about Android users at all

A few memes related to the lack of new features that apple adds to their phones. Android users claim most of the iPhone features were available on Android phones long before they were released on iPhones. Honestly I am not sure about this claim, but as long as it’s funny, I don’t really care.

45. What year is this?!

46. Teasing new features on iPhone via the Simpsons

Android vs iPhone memes

47. Android already has this feature!!

48. iOS copying Android features

49. Android users watching ” New ” iPhone features

50. Android users watching apple introduce features which they already have for years

Android vs iPhone memes

Hope you enjoyed these Android vs iPhone memes and had a good laugh. Consider sharing these with your friends to spread the laughter.

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