How to Delete a Sticky Note on Mac? Quick and Easy Ways

When it comes to writing a short note, there’s nothing better than the Sticky Note app! It lets you save contacts, manage reminders, and keep notes. However, a lot of users often ask me how to delete a sticky note on Mac?

Go to Finder, and click on Applications from the left pane. Next, Right-click in the Sticky Notes app and choose the Move to Trash option. You can even drag the Sticky Notes to Trash in order to delete them.

This article rounds up the complete process to delete a sticky note on Mac. Also, I’ve shared the process to uninstall the Sticky Note app permanently if you want it.

How to Delete a Sticky Note on Mac: Step-by-step Process

In order to delete sticky notes on your Mac, you need to log into the MacOS with the administrator account. Furthermore, you need to click on Applications> Utilities> Folder> Sticky Notes> Quit Process. The Sticky Notes app should not be in a running state if you want to delete stickies. 

Steps to Delete Stickies on a Mac 

A lot of users don’t know that they can also delete individual notes on a Mac. Here are the steps to delete Sticky Notes on Mac.

  • Open the sticky note you want to delete.
  • Click on the Box icon on the top left corner of the Sticky Note.
How to Delete a Sticky Note on Mac
  • Now choose the Delete Note option, and it’ll get deleted.
  • Follow the same process for all notes you want to delete.

Note: You need to delete Sticky Notes one by one following these steps. If you want to delete all the notes in one go, you need to delete the Sticky Note app. Below I have mentioned the steps to delete all sticky notes in one go.

How to Uninstall Sticky Notes on Mac 

  1. Go to Finder, and on the left pane, you’ll find Applications. Click on that.
  2. On the right pane, you’ll see Sticky Notes. Right-click on it and select Move to Trash.
  3. You can also drag the Sticky Notes to Trash in order to delete them.

Can You Delete Sticky Notes Permanently from a Mac?

When you delete sticky notes using the aforementioned steps, it only deletes the notes but leaves some temporary files behind either in the home folder or on the hard disk. Here are a few steps to permanently delete stickies from a Mac.

  • Launch Finder on your Mac, and click on Go. 
  • On the expanded menu bar, choose Go to Folder.
  • Provide the path as /Library/ and press Enter to search sticky notes on your Mac. 

Note: Search the sticky notes in the following locations and delete them permanently. 

  • /Library
  • /Library/LaunchAgents
  • /Library/Preferences
  • /Library/Caches
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons
  • /Library/StartupItems

To delete stickies from these locations, you should remember the name of each file. Also, searching too many files and then deleting them can be pretty daunting, but this is the only solution.

Use Osx Uninstaller to Delete Sticky Notes on Mac 

Deleting sticky notes one by one is time-consuming as well as a daunting task, thus, you can automate it by using Osx Uninstaller

The app is simple to use and designed to remove all app files from your Mac. Furthermore, it is built natively, and your Mac doesn’t lag. Below are the steps to use the Osx uninstaller to delete sticky notes from Mac.

  • Download the app and install it on your Mac.
  • Quit the sticky notes app, and then launch the Osx Uninstaller. 
  • Select Run Analysis and scan for Sticky Notes.
  • Now tap on Complete Uninstall and confirm it by clicking on the Yes button.

Wait for some time, and the app will uninstall the Sticky Notes app by deleting all of its data.


How do I get rid of Sticky Notes without deleting them?

You can quit the sticky notes to get rid of them without deleting them. Click on the box on the top left corner of the stickies, and close them.

Can I retrieve sticky notes after deleting them with Osx Uninstaller?

 No, you cannot retrieve the sticky notes after uninstalling them using tools like Osx Uninstaller. Make sure you only delete notes that you don’t use anymore. Watch this video once, and try if any of the explained processes works for you.

Is the Sticky Notes app safe?

Yes, it is safe and can be kept on your Mac. Make sure to download it from the app store or some trusted platform. Also, go through the user reviews of the particular app to know if it is safe for your Mac.

Do Sticky Notes delete automatically?

 No, Sticky Notes do not delete automatically, and you have to delete them manually. In case you lose all the data stored on the hard drive, you may lose the Sticky Notes as well.
Always, keep a backup on your external drive to ensure you never lose the valuable data.

Is OSX uninstaller safe?

Yes, using Osx uninstaller is safe, and a lot of Mac users prefer it for deleting data and applications they don’t use or want anymore. You can download Osx Uninstaller on your Mac to quickly delete the Sticky Notes you do not need on your PC.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know how to delete sticky notes on Mac, you can easily delete the notes you want. I’ve even listed some ways to permanently delete the Sticky Notes app. Furthermore, you can delete the files saved on the hard drive and get them off your computer.

Stay tuned for more interesting and helpful tips on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and be iOS savvy.

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