How to Text Someone who Blocked you on iPhone?

How to Text Someone who Blocked you on iPhone

This article discusses How to Text Someone who Blocked you on iPhone. This article will also help you know if someone has blocked your number.

iMessage is one of the most amazing apps for texting. It allows iPhone users to remain in touch with friends and family. Your iMessages may go unanswered from time to time.

Your iMessage app may malfunctioning if you don’t get any of your messages. Anything may be wrong with their phones.

You may use your personal information to send and receive messages with iMessage. If you have an Internet connection, you can utilize them.

You need Data plans and Wi-Fi for sending and receiving messages on your iPhone. Wi-Fi is completely free to use. But if you utilize your phone’s data plan, you’ll have to pay for the service.

How to Text Someone who Blocked you on iPhone?

How to Text Someone who Blocked you on iPhone

Using the iMessage app on the iPhone, you may send a text message to someone who has banned you. Changing the caller ID is as simple as navigating to the iPhone’s Settings. To alter your caller ID, please follow these steps:

  • Step #1: Utilize the iPhone’s Settings app for a comprehensive list of setup options.
  • Step #2: Click Open to ensure you are on the Messages tab.
  • Step #3: By selecting “Send and Receive,” it is possible to send and receive messages.
  • Step #4: Select “Add another email option” and fill out the required fields.
  • Step #5: Please verify the correctness of this email address immediately.
  • Step #6: Select “Start New Conversations from,” then enter the newly validated email address.

It is now possible to send an iMessage to the previously restricted email address, as it was the only one that not allowed.

How Can You Know If The Other Person Has Blocked you on iPhone?

How to Text Someone who Blocked you on iPhone

If your text bubbles turn green instead of blue during an iMessage chat, that individual has likely blocked your iPhone number.

When you send an iMessage, a “conveyed” message will show beneath it to indicate that the receiver has read it.

Your iMessages may display a “Read Receipts” alert if the recipient has opened Messages and touched on the chat thread.

This option is not always accessible. The notice will not appear until the other party has enabled it. You can determine if you get blocked by following these steps.

Method #1: The Color of the Text you Sent on iMessage

A default blue text bubble displays when you send an iMessage. If “Send as SMS” is activated on your iPhone, your phone will send the SMS even if iMessage is unavailable.

Keep in mind that your mobile operator may charge you a messaging fee.

Method #2: Delivery Notification

A “Delivered” notification will show beneath it to indicate that the receiver has received your iMessage. As soon as the other user opens the Messages app, “Read Receipts” will display in the conversation thread.

Thankfully, iPhone does not enable it by default. You will not see the grey notification until the other party has helped it.

Method #3: Automated Message

It is the first indicator you should look for to identify if your iPhone has restrictions. It will generate an automated response, each time you submit a message.

You are not blocked if you receive such an automated message, as these notifications are typical when a user activates the Do Not Disturb option. You may only send automated messages to unblocked phone numbers.

How to Unblock Someone on my iPhone?

How to Text Someone who Blocked you on iPhone

You may manage blacklisted contacts on your iPhone by navigating to Settings > Phone (or Messages or FaceTime). You may opt to unblock a blocked number whenever you wish to resume receiving calls, alerts, and messages from it.

Any call from a banned number will go directly to your voicemail without indication. You must unblock the caller to view the notice.


Q1: Can you send iMessages to blocked contacts?

A: Yes, you may send iMessages to banned contacts. If you block someone, they will not be able to contact you by phone, iMessage, or FaceTime, but they can still send you an email.

Q2: What exactly is a phantom SMS message?

A: A ghost text message is one you get charged for but never received. If you have your phone powered off, out of range, or the message gets lost in route.

Q3: Can I still contact a person who has blocked me?

A: Yes, you may still call a blocked number. If you attempt to contact them and get their voicemail instead, they have likely banned your number.

Q4: What happens when someone is blocked on an iPhone?

A: When you block a contact on your iPhone, they will no longer be able to call or send you a message. They may not even see ‘Delivered’ in their Messages app notes.

However, they will probably observe your conversation bubble transform from the iMessage blue to the SMS green. In your case? You will see absolutely nothing. Additionally, you can exclude SMS from senders, not in your Contacts list.

You will continue to receive their communications. But you will receive the messages in an ‘Unknown Senders’ mailbox rather than your primary inbox.

In addition, you will not receive notifications when these texts arrive, so you will not know they are there unless you manually check the inbox.

Q5: Does * 67 work if your number has been blocked?

A: If your number gets a ban, dialing *67 will not unblock it. As blocking your number is a method for preventing you from contacting someone, dialing *67 will have no impact.

Conclusion – How to Text Someone who Blocked you on iPhone?

How to Text Someone who Blocked you on iPhone

iMessage allows you to send and receive Internet-based texts. iMessage requires either a data plan or Wi-Fi access. How to determine whether other person has you on their block list on iMessage: Determine the hue of the iMessage bubbles.

Call the individual who blocked you and requests that they remove the block. That’s it from our side. We hope this article was of help to you. Stay tuned for more informative articles.


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